“Transformers: The Last Knight” movie review

There’s something compelling about interweaving narratives from both past and present. Personally, stories that ties to the past appeal to me. I liked how The Mummy used the Knights Templars at the beginning of the story. Movies that have this element automatically appeal to me, for some reason.

Isabela Moner plays Izabella in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, from Paramount Pictures.

So when Transformers: The Last Knight opened with a battle scene that involved King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, I thought this is something I’d like to see from start to finish.

The movie opened with the knights on the verge of losing a bloody battle and their only hope, Merlin, was nowhere to be found. It turns out that the power he promised King Arthur comes from alien robots. Fast forward to centuries later where we live in a world that co-exists with these machine men, albeit not too peacefully. The mega robots are considered the enemy although very few places offer a sanctuary for these mean machines. Some are in hiding, protected by humans.

There’s definitely more to the Transformers than what meets the eye because in this fifth installment, the true connection between Cybertron and Earth is revealed. Optimus Prime is lured into the dark side and was set out to destroy the planet so his home can be reborn. Now this is where the medieval ties are somehow brought to the light. The ancient robots hinted of a time when the planet would need the powerful staff given to Merlin. That time is now.

The movie was a long exposition. It was a solid narration of a series of events that stayed on track. There was a clear story here and all we have to do is wait until everything unfolds right before our very eyes. However, there was a lack of light-hearted moments. The movie felt too serious. Except for the first act, the film was devoid of funny or even witty moments that would stick with you.

Thank God for Izabella (Isabela Moner) who was awesome at the first act. Seeing that little girl run around a war zone that used to be Chicago was a joy. It’s sending off Rey vibes in The Force Awakens. The young girl had spunk and it was a joy to see her banter with Cade (Mark Wahlberg). The two of them on the screen is a sight to behold.

Then, for some reason. Izabella disappeared from the movie. In the second act we were introduced to Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) and the beautiful Vivian Webley (Laura Haddock), who plays a vital role in the fate of the Earth. Sir Edmund knew that the day of reckoning was coming and it was all he was living for. Now that it’s here, he’s ready to leave while Vivian is about to learn a very important detail about her destiny.

Again, it’s this kind of plot element that piques the viewers’ interest. The chosen-one-meet-your-destiny element adds more excitement to the film. Sadly, the events that happened later on didn’t live up to the build-up.

The movie’s strength, however, is its robots. Every fight scene is worth watching. They’re visually satisfying and will keep you on the edge of your seats. Excellent computer generated graphics gave life to the Autobots and Decepticons and made all combat sequences very fun to watch.


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