Top 14 Funny Princess Sarah Memes to Crack You Up

Sarah, Sarah, prinsesa. Lavinia, Lavinia, inggitera. Lottie, Lottie, iyakin..” Sounds familiar?

The 1905 childrens’ novel hit by Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess, is a story about a rich girl named Sarah Crewe, who got sent to an upscale boarding school in London. Treated as a princess by many due to her kind-hearted soul and wealth, Sarah was left penniless and was turned into a servant by the greedy and evil, Miss Minchin, after her father’s death.

It has been adapted into several movies, musicals, theater plays and television series. We also have our own: the 1995 film “Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa” starring Camille Pratts as Sarah Crewe.

But it was the 1985 anime series that gave birth to the “Princess Sarah Craze” in the Philippines. It premiered during the 90’s and has forever been immortalized in the hearts of Filipinos.

After nearly two decades of being gone from the limelight, Princess Sarah is back with a vengeance. With the help of social media and some “witty” and “funny” captions. Our beloved heroine is now back in the form of Meme’s thanks to Facebook Fan Page Princess Sarah Memes.

Here are our Top 14 Princess Sarah memes:


Oh Lavinia, you still haven’t changed. Just give her a bite would you?


Clearly, Sarah’s also a philanthropist!


Now that’s the Sarah we like. Feisty!


Touché Sarah. Touché! Lol


Sarah’s one huge ball of positive energy.


 Now Lottie, Mama Sarah’s a bit tired and edgy. Don’t push her!


Whoever sent that letter is one big meanie! I have a feeling it’s Lavinia.


Lavinia’s not satisfied bullying Sarah. Now its Ermengarde’s turn!


Me wants some Chao Fan too Sarah! lol


Whoa Ms. Minchin! That was harsh.


Sarah’s right! Don’t go rubbin’ to her face how big her forehead is.


Too much information Sarah!


Capt. Crewe looks really proud Sarah!


Sarah would give MJ Lastisoma a run for her money.

I bet that got you cracking up!

Got any Princess Sarah meme’s in your sleeves? Pls. feel free to share and post it in our comments section.

Photos by: Princess Sarah Meme Facebook Fan Page,


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  1. panira sa mood ng memes ung english comments in between!

  2. 7 years old ako nan!!

  3. wow nice…natatawa ako..harharhar

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