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More than just a bike shop, running store or retail shop, The Tri Temple is an integrated multisport hub unlike any other.

What started as a pipe dream of five triathletes more than a year ago is now a sports facility that integrates a retail environment with diagnostics and training facilities in order to give multisport athletes a complete 360-degree experience.


The Swim Lab

The Swim Lab is the country’s first swim stroke analysis center where coaches can do an in-depth analysis of their athletes’ swim strokes with the help of wireless technology. GoPro Session cameras that can be positioned in any of 8 spots around a swimmer transmit video footage to individual iPads that a coach can control from the pool deck. He can check the swimmer’s form from the top, side, front or bottom and explain areas of improvement on the spot with the help of Dartfish Express movement analysis software. By watching themselves on video, swimmers see what actually happens as they swim. A floor mirror allows them to see their form in real time and do self-correction on the fly.


The Swim Lab caters to swimmers of all skill levels, thanks to the 9 speed settings of its Endless Swim machine. At its highest setting, the machine generates a current that requires swimmers to go at an effort equivalent to a 1:10 to 1:15 per 100 meter pace.

The Tri Temple’s Swim Lab will soon be an integral part of the country’s leading swim schools: Swim Academy and Streamline Sports Instruction to name a few. The Tri Temple’s founders meant for the Swim Lab to be a tool available to all swim coaches and swimmers so those interested in using the Lab for their training needs simply have to visit the shop and book a session.

The Power Lab

Cycling is a sport where mashing the pedals isn’t always the best way to get to the finish line. The Tri Temple espouses smart training for maximum gains.


Thus, the birth of the Tri Temple Power Lab. As a licensed Sufferfest studio (a popular cycling video series), The Power Lab can provide athletes with structured cycling workouts that are designed to improve endurance, speed and leg power. Athletes also have the choice of doing their own workout programs without the need for videos. We provide eight (8) Kinetic Road Machine bike trainers with built-in power meters so that athletes can monitor their own training data such as power output, heart rate, cadence and zones. All athletes have to do is bring their own bikes and start riding.


Curated Product Selection

The products that we offer at The Tri Temple have been carefully selected so that we can offer our customers the best possible options for their needs.

We offer products from the top names in the global multisport industry while also supporting local manufacturers.

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