The LEGO Batman Movie Review: See the Bat Evolve Right Before Your Eyes

Okay, so many think that the LEGO Batman Movie is the best Batman film yet.

They could be on to something.

For this writer, Chris Kay’s 3D computer-animated film about the Dark Knight is the most entertaining. And that’s not only because it’s animation; it’s also because of the fact that it managed to portray the iconic superhero in the most relatable way.

Of course, it’s hilarious AF.

It’s an interesting pairing, actually. LEGO and Batman.

Batman has always been moody and dark, almost brooding, which is why the idea of adapting it to a kid-friendly movie that’s meant to be fun and entertaining might seem a mismatch at first. But the movie was anything but a mismatch. Perhaps a lot of it can be attributed to Will Arnett whose tongue-in-cheek humor gave a more relatable side to Bruce Wayne.

Arnett managed to provide new dimensions to the character we all knew very well. In this movie, we were able to realize how difficult it must be to be the lone caped crusader and not have anyone except your butler welcome you home.

Ironically, it’s this part of the movie that provides some of the funny element. His refusal to acknowledge the fact that he needs (and actually wants) to connect with others was a main driver of the plot and that gave us numerous punch lines and funny dialogues.

LEGO Batman movie

When Gotham City welcomed its new commissioner, Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson), Batman turned down an offer to work together in protecting the city. When Joker (Zack Galifianakis), who was also offended by Batman’s refusal to acknowledge him as his number one nemesis, surrendered to Gordon, Batman felt betrayed and hurt. Outrage, he decided to go rogue and broke into the Arkham Asylum to send Joker to the Phantom Zone.

LEGO Batman Movie

There are so many things the movie did well.

It was a film that’s filled with jokes and delightful pop culture references, like previous Batman installments. This is one of the few movies that was successful in bringing together an extensive ensemble without compromising the storyline. There were so many cameos from Voldemort to Sauron to Godzilla. There’s even Agent Smith, Dracula, the shark from Jaws, Daleks, and Gremlins.

It’s a challenging feat to pull off, if you ask me.

LEGO Batman movie


The action sequences are also gripping. While this is still a movie for kids, the sequences are impressive for adult audiences as well.

But the one thing that the LEGO Batman Movie really excelled at is giving Batman a compelling character arc. Batman will evolve right before your very eyes and if you’re previously not a Batman fan, this movie will, at the very least, make you appreciate the Dark Knight a lot more.


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