The Fans Have Spoken | Survivor Game Changers Episode 5

Everyone can’t stop talking about this episode.

For great reasons. There’s Debbie’s hilarious outbursts to Sandra’s sugar-napping to, perhaps the most GIF-worthy scene of all time, Michaela’s tribal tea time and hair flip.

So, who’s ready to get down to business? Let’s see what our fellow fans have said.

Dave Brian Penasas Orbon

Ozzy is clutch. JT never fails to make misplays. Thank you Queen Sandra for that revenge.

Somewell Gadiane

I just have one thought in this episode: Debbie freaking annoys the hell out of me! #HurricaneDebbie

Lee Jorjan Paras

The title of this episode is Dirty Deed and true enough this episode is all about dirty deeds.

Starting from the recap of last episode, JT really made a dirty deed trying to oust Sandra and it cost him his ally.

Speaking of JT from Tocantins to game changers, he has changed his gameplay. From a group player to an “only me” player. With Stephen and Taj they made decisions as a group and knowing where to put the votes made him win. This time like Heroes vs villains, he targeted a person and it backfired Parvati in S20 and Sandra in S34. I hope he just stick to his original game to lay low and under the radar strong player..

Another one of the dirty deeds this episode is Debbie having an outburst.. It’s refreshing because we can see an old school type of feud because of challenges and of course from Debbie’s 10 years as a gymnast, you need to be flexible and adaptable. the only weird thing from her is her statement to Brad that he crushed her heart and I thought she’s going to cry but hell no! This is crazier than Sue being emotional being rubbed by Richard’s d*ck and Brandon’s infamous meltdown. Is former Mental patient part of her resume? I guess so.

Going back to Pearl Islands, Sandra has done it again.. Diverting the issue out of her way. From dumping the fish and it blamed Krista, Burning Russell’s hat to Eating the Sugar to blame Michaela. It was indeed dirtiest deed of them all. And she gets away with it. The good thing about Sandra’s gameplay right now is that she is logical and she answers Jeff’s questions with different meaning and it’s up to you to determine whether you’re on her side or not. And you’ve got to give it to her.. She still doesn’t have any single vote against her and the lone winner in the game..

Finally, the sweetest argument of them all.. Hahaha I remember Kel in Australia voted out for the Beef Jerky thing..

After NaOnka’s fiesty confessional and tribal moments, no one has come close to Michaela. Michaela tops my list of the most iconic female players thus far. She is very honest and brutal at the same time. As what NaOnka said, “You can tell that I got hood! ”

She is a strong player and has a very strong personality. I love her. Her iconic mug sipping like the scene from Game of Thrones with the destruction of the church. Hahah that hair flipping reminds me of DaVonne from Big Brother 18.. That attitude is great and Jeff right bringing Michaela back..

For the next episode, it’s nice for exile island to return. And hopefully that returning survivor is just there for a challenge or a host. Or anything.. Maybe a silver lining clue to the one being exiled.


Mark Jeric Olasiman

Last night’s episode of Survivor was so GIF-worthy!

From Sandra’s look at the camera during the sugar conversation with JT to Michaela drinking during the vote reveal.

Kudos to the editors this season. Two months of waiting was worth it!

Martin Vicencio

On Debbie: It’s rather interesting how she quickly defended herself for her poor performance, by slowly twisting the narrative to her advantage. Sadly her saying that she was a seasoned gymnast and how ‘longer’ it took for Hali to finish (when it was Hali who was doing great) made her worse in the eyes of her tribe. Props to Brad for actually keeping his cool and even trying to say “I’m sorry” and “I love you” to Debbie to try and cool things down. If there’s one thing to note here, Brad was not even dictating this time. Another irony was that an episode or two ago, Debbie was ‘down’ for this ‘dictatorship’…only to flip and say she HATES this supposed dictatorship by Brad. I’m not sure if it’s her dellusions of grandeur at play. A part of me hopes she’s just pulling everyone’s leg and knows it was HER fault..and this is her way of venting out. Then again that’s what I thought what Philip Sheppard would do in Redemption Island…, he was just legit being himself after all and not ‘paying a character’.

On JT’s exit: I’m rather disappointed that he didn’t play the idol. But I guess this really the handiwork of Sandra with her stellar gamesmanship on the ‘sugar’ incident.

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