The Dream Shirt: Immortalizing Quotes for Book Lovers (and Everybody Else)

The Dream Shirt

Anyone who loves reading knows how tempting it is to flood your Facebook timeline with quotes from the latest book you’ve finished.

The problem is not many people are too excited to read, like, share, or comment on these kinds of posts because, let’s face it, not everyone gets a high from reading books.

So even if you strongly want to post a quote, like, every 10 minutes, there’s a part of you that wants to hold back, worried that others might find you weird. At least, that’s how I used to feel.

Those who love reading would understand this. There are lines that jump out of the page and pierce through the heart. Their impact is so strong it’s not enough to ponder on them. You just have to let it out. Tell it to the world, hoping that it touches at least one person out there.

Words are powerful. That, we are 100% sure.

And that’s what makes authors powerful individuals. They can change the world just by moving their fingers.

You can, too–in a fashionable way. You can do it simply by wearing T-shirts that feature lines from the most awesome books.

By now, you may already have heard of The Dream Shirt. If you haven’t yet then you may just as well be living on a cave because The Dream Shirt has become so popular it has already generated 2.5k likes online. That’s quite a feat for an online shop.

What is The Dream Shirt?

This is an online shop that offers made-to-order shirts designed based on different books. Each cotton shirt features memorable quotes and designs that book lovers are sure to recognize. These are printed via vinyl or heat transfer. Their current designs are based on popular Young Adult novels like The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, Hunger Games, and Looking for Alaska.

So I’m pretty sure many of the younger market will be familiar with their shirts.

But that doesn’t mean the designs are limited to dystopian novels and romantic titles. The Dream Shirt is expanding to include designs from classics and fiction novels. Expect to see these fun new designs early next year.

The shirts are very affordable. They’re priced at P350 plus shipping fee.

Humble beginnings

Janelle Almosara, one-half of the team that runs The Dream Shirt, is a voracious reader and have always wanted shirts that feature books. She realized that there wasn’t any in the market. There are shirts for movies, bands, and TV shows but none for books, so an idea formed in her mind.

After being turned down by a few friends, her idea finally came into fruition with the help of Mark Capiral. They took orders and started out with designs from the popular book The Fault In Our Stars. Note that this was before the movie even came out.


Because Janelle works as a brand manager for a start-up and Mark as a machinist, The Dream Shirt is something they do on the side. But just like any business, they hope to make this their full-time jobs. From the looks of it, these two may need to concentrate on their business because The Dream Shirt is starting to gain traction.

After the success of their TFIOS collection, the duo expanded on designing other titles. Janelle designs the shirts and creates other collaterals. She also takes care of managing orders and customer engagement. Mark, on the other hand, is in charge of the production process–from the shirt creation to shipping.

All the hard work soon bore fruit. After a year of operation, more and more book lovers are enjoying The Dream Shirts. Their fans reached thousands and they’re now looking for brighter prospects in the future.

What the future holds for The Dream Shirt

Always The Dream Shirt

The company is planning to have a re-launch in 2015. Along with this, they’re also slated to create a line for locally published books, snagged a collaboration giveaway with Fandom Trinkets PH, and release more collections.

The Dream Shirt will also be expanding by having an artistic team to go full blast on transforming ideas to reality. Expect to see more of them in bazaars and other activities that have something to do with books.

The future is bright for The Dream Shirt. That’s great news for all bookworms.

Want to see more cool stuff? Check out their Facebook page:

The Dream Shirt

Twitter: @thedreamshirt_

IG: @thedreamshirt

0906 381 1776




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