The Amazing Race 25: “Insufficient Tossing of the Pancakes”

It was the current of the River Cherwell in England that gave #TheAsianCouple Dennis and Isabelle and #MomDaughter Shelley and Nici a hard time, as they punt their boats in order to stay in the race. Unfortunately, luck is not on the side of #TheAsianCouple as they were the second team to be Philiminated.

#MomDaughter and #TheAsianCouple getting ready to punt along the River Cherwell, not knowing what doom lies ahead.

Teams flipped pancakes, marched as the Queen’s guards and roam around Oxfordshire for this leg of the race. #TeamSurvivor Keith and Whitney and #TheUngentlemen Firefighters Michael and Scott get to cancel out their penalties, as limited flights going out of the islands made them catch up with the other teams. They get the same flight with #TheAsianCouple and #MomDaughter, as the other six teams are on the first flight just 1 hour and 20 minutes ahead of them. The short amount of time between the flights shook up the leg placements as well as the Detour, where some teams struggled to finish. But this “clogging” of the teams allows us to see which teams have managed to maintain their front of the pack status, like #ThePsychoDentists Misti and Jim and #TheCyclists Kym and Alli. #TeamSurvivor and #TheUngentlemen rose up to their previous places while #TheWrestlers Brooke and Robbie also ran out of luck as they slipped down the ranks because of struggling with the Queen’s Guard detour.

Another new twist in the race allows teams to search for the Express Pass and sacrifice their time to find it instead of winning it by coming in first in the first/second leg. In this leg, #SoulSurfers Adam and Bethany went on a roll by successfully finding the Express Pass and still arriving in first place at the Pitstop. It seems impressive, but not really. The Express Pass was successfully found by enlisting the help of a random local who even waved for the cameras and a rather easy trip to the Bar where they don’t even have to sweat to look for it. This made me still want the old way of the Express Pass, where the winner also wins a burden of giving an Express Pass to another team, enabling strategic play in the race.

#TheCyclists performing the About Face Detour

 Here are the highlights of this leg:

  • All the lovely English accents we have heard.
  • #TheWrestlers’ caps with their names on it. Also, how they didn’t take it off and just put the bowler hat on top of it.
  • The whole detour segment of #TheUngentlemen Firefighters Michael and Scott. It seems like there are no marching routines in the Boston Fire Department, so this beefy duo chose to flip pancakes (to my surprise) and I thank the heavens they chose it. The funniest part of the race for me was the ridiculous man with the white wig failing them for “insufficient tossing of your pancakes.” I love The Amazing Race for finding the right local characters to make the legs fun. #TheUngentlemen managed to finish the race in four attempts (without having to shove other racers) to get a little ahead of the struggling Wrestlers in the other detour. Because this part of the race amused me a lot, I change their hashtags to #TheUngentlemenPancakeMasters.
  • The unimpressed Queen’s Head Guard, who gives insults as advice. I wonder what he could’ve said to Dan and Andrew (Season 13) should they have done this task. (Flashback: youtube video) He was also unimpressed when one of #TheCyclists gave him a kiss.
  • Nici taking a piss in the River Cherwell. Another race karma happened as they struggled to punt along the river.
  • #DrunkWinstonChurchillImpersonator was a hoot in the pitstop.
  • Amazing Race editing favourite: Teams confessing that they have an advantage over a task, and then proceeding to fail multiple times. Case in point: #MomDaughter were in the military before but still struggled with the routines. All they did is make that Queen’s Head Guard proud of his Queen’s country.


 Non-highlights of this leg:

  • No Adam’s Abs sighting. #TeamAdamsAbs
  • All the crying in this episode. #UnnecessaryDrama
  • Loss of good looking racers. Bye Dennis and Isabelle!

Sound off your thoughts about the leg in the comments, whether you felt that there’s a lack of Adam’s shirtlessness or you felt scared when you saw Jim, the Psycho Dentist in a Queen’s Guard uniform.

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  1. Go #TeamCyclist and #Mom&Daughter!

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