Tekken Finally Adds The First Filipina Fighter… Josie Rizal!

Rejoice Pinoy gamers out there! Bandai Namco Games has just released their newest addition to the best-selling fighting game franchise, Tekken.


JOSIE RIZAL! The first ever filipino inspired playable character to grace Tekken’s roster. With her sun-kissed complexion and costume that resembles the color of our nation’s flag. Its about time our country get some bad-ass representation in the gaming world after Soul Calibur’s Talim.

There were no further information given about her backstory. All we know is that this young girl from the Philippines is a hard-hitting kickboxing master similar to Leo’s fighting style.

Excited!? Anxious!? Here’s a teaser trailer uploaded on youtube just for you. Let us know what you think under the comments section below.

Photo credits: avoidingthepuddle.com, tekken.wikia.com

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