Taal – Tagaytay Photowalk with WD Wireless My Passport Ambassador: RV Mitra

Few weeks ago, Urban Tribe PH was invited to take part in a photowalk and wedding photography seminar with the famous wedding photographer RV Mitra, sponsored by WD. WD is a world leader in connected storage solutions and network attached storage (NAS) solutions with products that address the increasing demands for content storage, management, protection and streaming among prosumers, creative professionals and small businesses.


Tagaytay City is a the closest travel destination to Manila. Famous for its cold weather, amazing sceneries and picturesque views, Tagaytay City is an ideal place for a photo walk and a wedding shoot.

It was raining in Makati City when we left at around 7am. Ironically, it was hot like hell when we arrived in Tagaytay after the two hour drive. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, everything was ready for a perfect photo shoot.


We started the “photowalk” with a boat ride across the Taal Lake. After that, we rode a horse on our way up to the viewing deck of the crater of the Taal Volcano. This was my first horse ride and it was a funny and stressful experience. Lol. I was like holding to my dear life all throught the climb because my horse was almost running the whole time. Whew! That “photowalk” had very few actual walks. Lol. We reached the top at around 12 noon and the sun was so hot but the perfect view of the lake within the volcano within a lake made it all worth it.


RV Mitra, the latest ambassador of WD Wireless My Passport, gave us some tips on photography and made demontrations of how to make portrait shots.   He also showed us his best wedding shots. He said the he always try to use the elements of shadow, pattern, reflection and flare in his photos.

My Passport Wireless

After the photowalk and the wedding photography seminar, the WD Wireless My Passport was intoduced to us. WD Wireless My Passport is a multi purpose wireless device perfect for our gadgets especially for photographers and travelers! My passport can act as a wifi hub, storage, file management and streaming. The best thing about this gadget is that you can transfer all your photos from your sd cards easily! Also, you can watch 5 different movies, in different gadgets while using my passport as a wifi port. For more info about WD My Wireless Passport, click here.


There was a photo contest and the prize was a WD My Wireless Passport. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. But it was all good. The photowalk and horseback experience and the things I learned from Mr. RV Mitra was enough reason for all of us to went home smiling. 🙂

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