Survivor World’s Apart Episode 5: Students of the Game Get Schooled

Losing your closest ally can be a double-edged sword.
First, it puts you at the bottom of the totem pole, which means you’re most likely the next to go. However, it also puts you in a position where you don’t have any allegiance to anyone. You’re free to go with whoever you want and if you play your cards right, it can yield favorable results.
Such is the case of Sierra, who was almost eliminated at last night’s tribal council. The guys and Kelly ganged up on her and bff Lindsey. It was a three-way tie between Rodney, Sierra, and Lindsey. Ultimately, Mike, Dan, and Kelly chose to send Lindsey home, making Sierra feel like the outsider. A blow out is expected in this type of scenarios, but mostly from the one who was almost eliminated. But in this case, the attack came from  Dan and Rodney. It was expected since these guys are obviously douchebags but it wasn’t very smart, just like Mike pointed out. If these guys have seen enough of the show, they know that these moves can backfire the moment something changes. And it did.
Just before the challenge, Jeff announced a tribe shuffle. White Collar, Blue Collar, and No Collar are no more. There are just Escameca and Nagarote. Finally, Jeff can start referring to the tribes’ legit names.
Sierra, who’s ready to ditch her old tribe, got a chance to turn things around. Everyone in her old tribe, except Kelly, remained in Escameca. No Collar’s Joe, and White Collar’s Tyler and Joaquin join the blue tribe. Jenn, Hali, and Will remained at Nagarote and welcomed White Collar’s Carolyn, Max, and Shirin, and Blue Collar’s Kelly.
The tribe shuffle proved beneficial and disadvantageous for two people: Sierra and Kelly.
Sierra can easily sway the guys to her side. First, because she’s hot. And second, because these guys are most likely to be worried that there are 4 old Escameca. Kelly, on the other hand, is all alone. The good thing is she can be a swing vote. That is if she bonds with the right side quickly. Sadly, it seemed that, Kelly talked to the wrong person initially: Shirin. It’s Jenn and Hali she needs to build trust with and Carolyn beat her to it. And although she voted with the majority, she’d be the first out once the numbers get small.
It’s hilarious how Shirin is clueless about how she comes off to her tribe mates. She got even more annoying at Nagarote, probably because there are now only two tribes and the editors now have more time for each camp.
Her singing and whistling are evidently annoying. They’re pointless. And her non-stop talking just gets on everyone’s nerves. What’s even funnier is she and Max goes off to talk for hours. They’re talking about strategy.
Ironically, this isn’t strategic at all. Why?
1. Your strategy won’t work when the rest of the tribe knows you’re plotting about something because they can easily come up with a counter attack.
2. Going off in pair will tell the others you’re a solid alliance. No one wants a couple at camp.
3. Everyone will know you’re playing the game really hard, which puts a target on your back.
4. You’re missing out on a lot, which can be useful for your strategy.
So, the student of the games ended up getting schooled by the more people-savvy players. It was fun to see Max’s eyes get large upon seeing his name on the parchment. Shirin’s reaction when Max finally walked up to Jeff to have his torched snuffed is classic. Pretty much reminded me of Kat when she said she’s hoping for a blindside, unaware that it was going to be her.
So what happens next? I’m hoping Shirin loses it and goes berserk. Jenn and Hali are in a very good position in the game. I’m interested in how Carolyn’s going to weasel her way into the tight alliance. Or is Kelly going to remain passive?

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