Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 12: Timing is Everything

Surviving Survivor is all about timing.

To get to the end, you have to make the right moves at the right time.

To get the jury to vote for you, you have to make big moves. These game-changing moves are usually those made at the right time, be it taking out the biggest threat or blindsiding an ally.

It’s all about the perfect timing.

Last season’s winner made moves that helped her case at the finals. She patiently waited until the time is right to blindside former ally Jon. She found the right time to take out her biggest ally, Baylor, and put herself in a Final Three position where her chances of winning are way greater than the girls sitting next to her.

Carolyn found the perfect time to get rid of her number one ally.

Tyler is obviously the biggest threat to win aside from Mike. Carolyn would find it hard to beat Tyler in the finals.



“Holding On For Dear Life” – Jeff Probst extinguishes Tyler Fredrickson’s torch at Tribal Council during the twelfth episode of SURVIVOR on the 30th season, Wednesday, May 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Screen Grabs/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It was also the best time for Mike to use his idol. He’s guaranteed himself a spot in the Final 6 and since he’s more likely to win immunity, it would be easy to rally other people like Carolyn and Sierra to work with him. Even with Dan’s double vote, taking out his opponents shouldn’t be hard because the other guys strategize poorly.

Luck also plays a big role in finding the right timing. Mike was fortunate to have Sierra and Carolyn on his team at the reward challenge. He got the opportunity to bond with them on a personal level.

From the looks of it, a Mike-Sierra-Carolyn alliance is on the works. And if they play it right, it could take them to the end.

Timing became Tyler’s demise. He missed the opportunity to align with Mike or make a move against one of his allies. And that was why he went home.

He has hinted in his confessionals that he is willing to consider other options but he failed to act on it.

Last week, he found out about Dan’s advantage. It is potentially a huge problem and one that makes Dan a threat.

He should have talked Carolyn to blindsiding Dan but they were too obsessed with getting rid of Shirin.

Tom Westman, in Heroes Vs. Villains, said that you have to eliminate a threat as soon as possible.

Tyler failed to do that.

And even when the chances of going home was too big, he still failed to make a move that would save his life.

The window of opportunity has closed and off to Ponderosa he goes.

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