Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 11: The Problem with Being Cool, Calm, and Collective

The problem with being cool, calm, and collective is it can either throw you into oblivion or make you so comfortable you won’t see a blindside coming.

Rodney has done a pretty good job so far. In fact, getting to the finals isn’t too far-fetched with the rate he’s going.

Getting jury votes, on the other hand, is a different story. His demeanor may have helped him be in the majority but it’s made him so comfortable he forgot one crucial aspect of the game: jury management.

By being a jerk to Shirin (i.e. clapping as she walked to get her torch snuffed) will definitely not sit well with the jury, who happened to be her friends.

Sierra seems unfazed by the craziness around camp. And although she knows Tyler’s going to rob them of a million dollars, she still won’t do anything about it simply because she’s afraid to take risks.

Her decision to vote with the majority is understandable but if she wants to have the slightest chance of going home a million dollars richer, she’s gonna have to put on blinders, follow her gut, and make the jump.

More often than not, big risks are rewarded in this game.

Out of everyone, Carolyn is in the safest position. She’s in the majority and has an idol in her pocket. She’s not seen as a threat and has a loyal ally in Tyler.

So she should be comfy in her seat and not feel paranoid. Problem is, even if her 4-person alliance helps her live to see Day 39, it could be hard to sway the jury to throw some votes her way. Unless she’s sitting next to Dan and Will.


Tyler may look calm and collected but he is surely rattled on the inside. The fact that he sneaked through Dan’s bag goes to show that he is not, in any way, comfortable with his position. He knows he could go home anytime. And that’s why he’s trying hard to not look like a threat by sitting in the corner and looking pretty.

I’m pretty sure he intentionally lost the immunity challenge to not appear strong in challenges.

He’s quiet and smart. It shouldn’t be hard to walk away a millionaire as long as he can get rid of his biggest opponent: Mike.

Great hidden immunity idol play

We had one of the best hidden immunity idol plays thanks to Mike. It would’ve been epic had it worked. But it’s still impressive nonetheless.


He was able to strong-arm two people to vote differently and even though his only ally ended up going home, it was enough to rattle the majority.

He just needs to continue winning immunity until the majority kills each other.

He has sprayed enough fuel on the fire. Even though he wasn’t able to get through Dan earlier, he can definitely do so now that the annoying, condescending fool received two votes.

Superfan? I think not

Dan is the perfect example of a poser. He claims he’s a superfan yet he has absolutely no idea how to play the game.

He can’t think strategically. He’s deluded and thinks the “schemes he’s brewing” will reward him a million dollars. What a joke.

Anyone who thinks the best way to get to the end is to wait until there are six left to make a move is an idiot. One needs to make a move at eight or seven.

But since this guy can’t even read or spell “outplay” properly, how can we expect him to come up with a decent and respectable strategy?

He tells Mike that he plans to single out every move he’s made in front of the jury and hope that they’ll realize he played a game that’s worthy of a million dollars.

That has got to be the most idiotic thing said in the history of the show.

And how hypocritical of him to sympathize with Shirin and then call her out for exploiting the victim card? He even had the nerve to compare his ‘situation’ to Shirin’s. You’re adopted? Okay. The world is weeping.

He’s so disrespectful and annoying. Each time he opens his mouth, I want to shoot myself.

I do hope he gets to the end so that the jury can grill him so hard.

A beautiful edit

All this time, I thought Shirin was being built up as the underdog who’ll come out on top. Her edit has been awesome.


“Survivor Russian Roulette” – Shirin Oskooi during the eleventh episode of SURVIVOR on the 30th season, Wednesday, April 29 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Screen Grab/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

But even though she got the boot, one thing became clear: the producers were indeed editing her as a winner, not of the game, but in real life.

I guess there are very few people who came on the show with a story as dark as hers and then had to endure extreme hostility from basically everyone and then came out a better person.

I didn’t like her at all before the game but as the episodes went by, her resilience, love for the game, and sincerity have won me over.

She has handled everything gracefully, even the most horrific ones. Despite everything, she went to Ponderosa with a smile on her face. And that says a lot about her as a person.


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