Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 10 : Potential Contender, Dark Horse, and a Major Blunder

Mike had it coming. It’s common Survivor strategy to get rid of the biggest threat. This spells bad news for the strongest players while it’ll open doors for the weaklings and underdogs.

But while Joe is the biggest threat to win, it didn’t serve Mike well to target Mr. Challenge Beast because once he’s out, guess who gets targeted next?

I’m still baffled why the Blue Collar leader was hell-bent on sending Joe home. I guess he’s too trusting of his alliance, which we all know now, is a bad move.

Cirie had a similar predicament in Panama. The majority alliance in her tribe wanted to eliminate the weakest player, which she didn’t want to happen because she’ll be targeted next since she is also a weak player.

She wanted to have one weaker player ahead of her to serve as her shield. As long as there’s a weaker player to eliminate, she should be safe from the vote.

It’s similar to Mike’s situation. Having a stronger player in the game will keep the others from looking at him.

But he chose to eliminate Joe.

And that was his first big mistake.

Survivor 30 episode 10 mike blow up

His second big mistake was not owning up to his decision to not buy the letters from home during the auction.

He second guessed himself. And that did him. Even when he decided to buy the letter and give Dan and Carolyn an even shot at the advantage a few seconds later, the trust has been broken. Dan was already pissed. He just lost his biggest ally.

Had he stood by his decision, even if it pisses off the rest, at least he had the advantage.

Because of his weak moment, he ostracized himself and lost the advantage.

His third big mistake was blowing up at camp.

When he found out that Rodney is plotting a mutiny, he decided to justify his mistake at the auction by throwing Rodney and his allies under the bus.

This would’ve worked under normal circumstances but they just got back at camp, emotions high from receiving letters from home.

Mike spoiled the moment for everyone. And it only made him look worse.

In just a few hours, he went from being the leader to a bottom feeder. At least he has an idol.

A potential contender

Rodney, on the other hand, is slowly showing signs of a potential contender for the million dollars.

He may have annoyed several people because of his boorishness but it’s evident that he’s strategized really well so far.

If things go as planned, he’s got a ticket to the final four.

This season’s dark horse

But not if Shirin can help it.

Everyone can’t stand her and she knows it. And because she knows she’s the least popular castaway, she can use it to get to the end.

She’s the perfect goat. She can pitch that to Tyler.

The fact that she’s now aligned with Mike is awesome. She has one more person. It should be easy to rally enough people to take her to the Final Four.

I know that editing these days can be misleading and if we’re going to look at how the others view Shirin, there’s no chance of her winning, unless she suddenly goes on a winning streak or pulls off major moves. But if we’re to look at how her story has developed, you can’t help but think that she might be on to something. Clearly the editors have an end goal for the way she’s edited so far.

And since it’s been hinting towards a redemption of some kind, I can’t help but be open to the idea of her getting far, possibly in the end, and not because someone carried her as a goat to be slaughtered but because of her own doing.

NotĀ the best cast ever


A few weeks ago Jeff got me a little convinced that this group is really one of the best ensembles ever.

I’m certainly convinced now that it was all hype. Based on this and last week’s events, it’s obvious that there’s only a handful who really know how to play and can do it well.

Whatever Sierra’s game is, it won’t be strong enough to give her a million dollars. She could still turn the game around, though.

All her talk about hating her original tribe mates and going all girls has all been just that—lip service.

With Jenn gone, there’s no way she can rally all the girls to the end. And voting with Rodney and Dan, whom she hates so much, won’t help her win.

Tyler is doing a great job at staying under the radar. He weighs his options and makes the most logical decisions. He hasn’t pissed off anyone, so getting jury votes isn’t too far-fetched given that he sits next to the right people.

Carolyn can get to the end, with her idol and a strong alliance. But she’s not going to win any jury vote.

Dan and Will are the worst people in the island right now. Rude and misogynistic, these douchebags have made island life hell for Shirin. If anything, at least Dan didn’t launch any personal attack against the White Collar unlike Will who’s absolutely horrible.

What he did to Shirin was unacceptable. He’s earned the title of being the worst person to ever play the game–and that’s not just because he sucked at strategy.

It was an awful scene to watch but Shirin had the last laugh when she prevented Will from getting his letters from home.

It seemed that Jenn was more relieved to be voted out. It’s quite disappointing to see her spark fade over the last three episodes. The girl’s got spunk. Too bad they were outnumbered early.



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