Survivor: Worlds Apart Cast Assessment | Who’s On Top And Who Leaves Early?

When the first episode of Survivor: Borneo aired across millions of homes worldwide back in 2000, television has never been the same!


Known as the mother of all reality shows in the US, Survivor is consistently one of the most watched reality programs even to this day. It has been 29 seasons, 442 castaways, 17 countries, 7 prime time Emmy awards and 15 years of good old lying and backstabbing.

That for their 30th season, we will now be treated to what, according to Jeff Probst, is “one of my favorite seasons of all time.”

18 castaways divided into three tribes according to their working class: White Collars (Masaya), Blue Collars (Escameca) and No Collars (Nagarote). Survivor: Worlds Apart is a fresh new take after last seasons boring cast.

As we get closer to its premiere, let us assess and predict how the 18 new castaways would fair in the ultimate adventure of a lifetime.



Dan Foley (47 – Gorham, Maine – Postal Worker)

danDan, oh Dan! This guy is so adorable. He’s so endearing, I cringe at the thought of him joining Survivor and getting in on the bloodbath.

A long time fan of Survivor. Dan has sent tons of applications and even drove thousands of miles just to get a chance to be interviewed and have a shot at joining his favorite reality TV show. Being a jack-of-all trades, Dan has a good set of life experiences that could benefit his tribe, making him a valuable asset.

The only trouble I have is his whimsical personality and apparent physical shortcomings. There’s something about him that could easily annoy his tribe mates when the going gets tough. The last thing you’d want on a day you lost immunity with non-stop rain and no food to eat, is a jolly person cheering the tribe and throwing out high-fives. Which would probably hit a nerve or two.

So as much as I’d love to see him go to the finale, Dan’s chances are absolutely low. Unless he pulls out a come-from-behind victory.

Prediction: Early Boot

Kelly Remington (44 – Grand Isl., NY – State Trooper)

kellyI believe she’s the strongest girl in the bunch. Kelly’s background as a state trooper is either a gift or a curse.

After 29 seasons, cops are either a success or a failure in this game. They are known to be too much of a threat both physically and mentally. They get the early boot or found to be too competitive.

Kelly for me is a wild card. She’s either a hit or a miss. She does have a good strategy and mindset coming into the game. Though I’m not sure if that’s enough to get her to the end.

Prediction: Mid-Game

Lindsey Cascaddan (24 – College Park, Florida – Hairdresser)

lindseyLindsey has a lot of promise; cute, quirky and tattooed. I can see why she was chosen to participate.

However, that promise might not last for long. With the right formula of rain, cold, hunger, stress and paranoia. Lindsey’s a goner! Funny that she mentioned on her video how she won’t quit, when she cited several living situation issues once she enters the game. Lol!

I could be wrong! Who the hell knows!? But wouldn’t it be amusing if she decided to quit like her namesake in Survivor: Cagayan? Lol.

Prediction: Early Boot

Mike Holloway (38 – North Richlands Hills, Texas – Oil Driller)

mikeMike has a lot going on for him in this game. One of the good looking guys, Survivor was made entirely for him. Many have said he’s Colby 2.0 and favored to win this season.

Physically fit, dependable and a country swag. It’s inevitable that he’d be the leader of the Blue Collar tribe. However, the leadership role is Survivor’s ticket to an early dismissal. So as long as Mike gets the buy-in of his tribe mates (especially the girls), his chances of getting to the end is huge.

He mentioned about wanting to be a villain, but I find that highly impossible. He seems to have a good nature in him, that ruthlessness is not in this guy’s vocabulary.

Prediction: Late Game

Rodney Lavoie Jr. (24 – Boston – General Contractor)

rodneyThe instant I laid eyes on Rodney. I was like “is this Jersey Shore or Survivor?”

I literally had a hard time taking this guy seriously. First impression I had was that this dude is an airhead. His favorite topic is himself and that he loves getting sauced in conversations and showing off his hot body and not helping at camp at all.

Although I still feel the same way towards him. Rodney has a deeper story beneath that confident exterior. He started being independent and learned to be tough at a very young age. In a way, I kinda dig him a bit!

He’s sort of a guilty pleasure, if that’s what you’d call it. But in terms of strategy and potential longevity, he’s like Kelly to me! Hit or miss. If he keeps his mouth shut, he might have a chance.

Prediction: Mid-Game

Sierra Dawn Thomas (27 – Roy, Utah – Barrel Racer)

sierraGORGEOUS! Sierra is probably one of the prettiest castaways to ever join Survivor. Aside from the fact that this chick is a barrel racer, which is bad-ass, Sierra is one of those types of girls in Survivor who just stands there (or probably smile if she wants to) then gets all the numbers and rides herself to the very end.

I wasn’t surprised when she mentioned that flirting is one of her strategies, because she’d probably be damn good. So I hope she adds in a sprinkle of intellect, physical dominance in challenges and good work ethics because many would see right through her (mostly the girls) and give her the ax.

Prediction: Mid-Game


masayaCarolyn Rivera (52 – Tampa, Florida – Corporate Exec.)

carolynKnown to the survivor community as “hags,” older women have shown pretty impressive standings this past few seasons of Survivor. Lisa Whelchel, Tina Wesson, Dawn Meehan, Laura Morett, Kass McQuillen, Missy Payne and Denise Stapley (winner of Survivor: Philippines) to name a few, have proven that age is only a number and does not rule you out as a threat in the game.

With the impending premiere of the 30th season, Carolyn, a member of the Masaya Tribe (White Collar) is another one of those “hags” I’m looking forward to watch. She’s definitely someone who emanates a motherly figure. What strikes me the most about Carolyn is her feisty, opinionated, mess-with-me-i’ll-chew-your-ass attitude.

Although she might not be as physically strong as the others, if she keeps a level-headed approach in her game play like the other “hags” who graced the show, her chances of going far is very strong. The only thing she should worry about is what comes out of her mouth. She could be pretty harsh sometimes or too strong that could lead to her early demise.

Prediction: Late Game

Joaquin Souberbielle (27 – Valley Stream, California – Marketing Director)

joaquinI didn’t doubt for a second when Joaquin mentioned how capable he is when it comes to the social aspect of the game. With his good looks and party boy background, socializing and getting people to like him is second nature to Joaquin.

What’s really interesting about Joaquin is that you’d expect a self-confessed party boy to be over-the-top, sticking his tongue out all the time and doing crazy shit like back-flipping. These are exactly a complete 360 of Joaquin.

He looks calculated, refined and observant. I actually expect him to be the antagonist this season. He’s selfish and ruthless, a trait all Survivor villains have. If he keeps that in moderation and have others do the dirty work for him. I see him sitting in the ‘Final 3’. Either way, if he consistently acts douchey, then he still has a shot at the ‘Final 3’, but not the title of Sole Survivor.

Prediction: Late Game

Max Dawson (37 – Topanga, California – Media Consultant)

maxFor casual fans of survivor, many would assume that Max’s time in the game is already numbered. He’s not your typical strong alpha male with big guns and ripped abs. Nor does he look someone you’d root for with his beard, channeling Tom Hank’s character in the movie castaway or an estranged family member of Duck Dynasty.

Then again, looks can really be deceiving. A Ph.D. degree holder and a former professor who taught Survivor at Northwestern University, Max is another one of those super fans and a student of the game, following the footsteps of John Cochran and Spencer Bledsoe.

Maybe it’s the beard effect, but Max radiates so much wisdom. He’d probably be the go-to person of the tribe. He’s sneaky, manipulative and would look at you straight into the eyes and lie without remorse. His biggest enemy is himself. Great players from seasons past have already proven that when you get too complacent, you’d get axed. Go ask Brenda!

Prediction: Late Game

Shirin Oskooi (31 – San Francisco – Yahoo Executive)

shirinI was rooting for Shirin at the get go until I read some of her interviews with Gordon Holmes. Girl is a trash talker! Lol!

Her odds from way up there, plummeted drastically faster than the Flash. Given her situation in a tribe with four of this season’s sneakiest players (Joaquin, Max, So and Carolyn), Shirin has a lot to prove both socially and physically in order to survive another day.

She has the tendencies of becoming annoying that might not suit well with others. So lest she can reel in the diva inside her, Shirin might leave us sooner than we’ve expected.

Prediction: Early Boot

So Kim (31 – Long Beach, California – Retail Buyer)

soI’m still having a hard time saying this, but So Kim could be the next Parvati. Absolutely smart with a killer smile, So Kim is another one of the few bigger threats in the game.

I really like how she is aware of her weaknesses and strengths. That’s gonna make her ready for possible shake-ups in her strategy and have a 20/20 hindsight of the repercussions.

She also noted how trusting is an issue for her. In Survivor, trust is a double-edged sword. It could either make or break you. Once she channels that personal issue and trust at least 1 or 2 people, she’d definitely breeze through the competition.

Prediction: Late Game

Tyler Fredrickson (33 – Los Angeles – Ex-Talent Agent Assistant)

tylerOf all the members of Masaya tribe, Tyler is the soft spoken one. Reserved and kind of timid, Tyler might have a hard time penetrating the personalities of the rest.

There’s no doubt he’d be valuable in challenges and stuff but Survivor has evolved a lot through the years that even his type are candidates for the first boot.

His cast bio in CBS looks spectacular with all the manipulative plan he has, but I find those words hard to match with his video. He lacks charisma; that’s what he’s missing. Very monotonous and bland, I won’t be surprised if everyone in Masaya tribe finds him boring.

Prediction: Early Boot



Hali Ford (25 – San Francisco – Law Student)

haliThis girl seems rough around the edges when it comes to her approach in playing the game. But the mere fact that she’s aware of how the game should be played and has a good plan on what’s ahead of her, Hali is one of the dark horses this season.

She’s a girl who know what she wants and, at the ripe age of 25, she’s definitely mature enough for her age. She’s a triple threat–intelligent, stunning and athletic. Once she’s able to harness all of those and keep the numbers on her side, there’s no doubt she’s a threat to win the game.

Prediction: Late Game

Jenn Brown (22 – Long Beach, California – Sailing Instructor)

jennI call her unconventional beauty. She has all the goods; great smile, blonde hair, glint in her eyes and a sense of humor. If you look close enough, then you’d see. Damn! This girl is fine!

The only trouble I have with her in terms of her position in the game, is that others might not take her seriously. Why!? Because Jenn wants to buy a jet ski if she wins the million dollars. Not that its wrong or what not. But c’mon. really? A jet ski?

She’s kooky and go-with-the-flow which could put her under the radar. But strategy wise, she’s not at par with the other castaways. I think she has the capabilities to run with the pack. Although there’s a big sign on her forehead saying, “free vote.”
Prediction: Early Boot

Joe Anglim (25 – Scottsdale, Arizona – Jewelry Designer)

joeAt first look, Joe reminds me greatly of Malcolm and Carter (Philippines). Young, full of energy and charming.

He is another one of the dark horses this season. Joe is humble yet a critical thinker. His collected thoughts are an advantage he could use to push him further in the game. The only thing that could be his major downfall is keeping his morals.

Not that keeping your morals is gonna hinder you from winning (perfect example is JT Thomas who won Tocantins). The moment he lets his guard down for trusting too much, he’d be back-stabbed faster than he could say Survivor. Others are willing to do it, so why shouldn’t he?

Prediction: Mid-Game

Nina Poersch (51 – Palmdale, California – Hearing Advocate)

ninaI worry a lot about Nina coming into this game. Not because she’s not strong enough to compete or sociable to fit in.

My big worry is that her tribe mates might not understand her. Nina looks friendly and warm, but once her tribe mates became aware of her hearing impairment, dynamics within the tribe might probably change.

She has a lot of things to prove to her tribe in order to survive. But with the odds getting more and more obvious, her chance of staying in the game is low; unless miracles happen, which is still possible.

Prediction: Early Boot

Vince Sly (32 – Santa Monica, California – Coconut Vendor)

vinceFirst of all, let me address this. There’s no other castaway as quirky or as out of this world like Vince.

Second, Survivor had some fair shares off odd jobs like morticians and fish mongers. But his is on the top of the list. A coconut vendor by trade, Vince’s occupation is as dope as Sierra’s barrel racer and Mike’s oil driller.

He actually surprised me on his cast video. I’d thought he’d be all kooky and talk about how nature is this and that. However, he seemed very serious and focused. I think he has the right balance to achieve something in this game.

He might not be taken as seriously like Jenn. Although he has a methodical way of speaking that you can’t help yourself but listen. And that’s good! The first thing you want is people to hear out your plans. I think Vince might have a shot to go far, as long as he don’t lose his focus and get overwhelmed by Mother Nature.

Prediction: Mid-Game

Will Sims II (44 – Sherman Oaks, California – YouTube Sensation)


I still can’t wrap my mind around it. Why the hell is he there?

Aside from being a YouTube sensation that I haven’t heard of nor watched, his lack of knowledge about the game and just throwing how sociable he is without looking the part, makes me wonder. Did CBS make a mistake on this one and just went with it?

Probst and other reliable sources have continuously mentioned that this season is the next best thing after Heroes vs Villains, even teasing that pound-for-pound every castaway is entertaining.

I’m still not convinced. I dare Will to surprise me and prove that he deserved that 18th spot.

Prediction: Early Boot

We are still days away from the 90-minute premiere this Feb. 25 and I’m already pumped up. I’m already excited to see who will outwit, outplay, outlast and out-blunder the rest in taking home the million dollar prize and be crowned the 30th Sole Survivor.

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