Survivor San Juan del Sur: Self-fulfilling Prophecies Are Real And Dangerous

Throwing a challenge is almost always never a good idea unless you’re Ozzy Lusth.

The delusional Drew Christy thought he had the game all figured out, that his tribe mates were under his spell, and decided to throw the immunity challenge so he can get rid of ‘snakes’ to improve the tribe only to have it blow up in his face and eventually went home at the last tribal council.

Episode 4_Drew voted out

The art of throwing challenges

There’s an art of throwing challenges. You don’t just decide to lose on purpose and expect the others to vote with you.

Zapatera, Drake, Zhan Hu, and Brenda in Caramoan all learned that the hard way.

First, it has to be a tribe decision. Second, you need a very compelling reason. Third, there must be a backup plan in case things go wrong. Fourth, you need to make sure you are in the majority or in control of the tribe.

Drew failed to think about these. He just woke up one day, thought he’s carrying the tribe, got threatened by Kelley, and threw the challenge.

What’s worse is the way he campaigned for Kelley.

He had a small victory, however. No one suspected he threw the challenge. Imagine what would’ve happened if they realized that he sucked on purpose. I’m pretty sure Natalie won’t let him hear the end of it.

Winning isn’t always that good

There’s a curse for the winning tribe in Survivor. You don’t get the chance to eliminate the most annoying person. And in a game where you live with strangers 24/7 and got nothing else to do, being pissed at someone can make you illogical.

Colton rallied to give up immunity just so he can vote out the guy that pissed him the most. Koror was clearly not a happy family despite winning all immunity challenges.

So I kinda understand where Drew is coming from. He saw Kelley’s game and got nervous. That’s a legit reason to throw out the challenge. But he didn’t plan it carefully. Plus, he’s been as lazy as a log. So, it wasn’t surprising that he got voted out.

Delusions and self-fulfilling prophecies

We’ve seen a lot of delusional players on Survivor. Some are fun to watch while others are downright annoying.

Coach was super annoying in Tocantins. While we all loved to hate and laugh at Philip in both seasons. But these have one common denominator: they never win.

While both came close, we knew there’s no chance they’d get the million.

In Drew’s case, the second he said he’s carrying the tribe and he’s not getting anything in return is the time we knew there’s an eighty percent chance that he’s going home.

It would’ve been nice to see him survive a few more days just to see how much havoc he can cause Hunahpu. But his time is up. He failed epicly in how he handled this tribal. Too bad, he wasn’t able to smash the perception that he’s a douche.

Episode 4_Drew

At least his brother was more likeable sans the bratty attitude.

When you come in this game thinking that you’re the best thing since Boston Rob or Sandra (yes, I’m a fan) then you’ve totally screwed yourself. It doesn’t matter how highly you think of yourself. What matters is what people think of you.

Drew is clearly used to being a popular guy in real life. He’s carried that in his game. It would’ve been nice to see him walk the talk, but since he only slept most of the time, it’s very hard to root for him. It doesn’t help that he makes all these annoying (albeit funny) confessionals.

He fooled himself into thinking he has it all figured out.

And he just gave the girls the knife to slit his throat. There was no girls’ alliance but he insisted on that. Self-fulfilling prophesies are dangerous, you know.

Episode 4_ Kelley

A big WOW to Kelley for this episode because of the way she handled the campaign against her. When Drew rallied to get her voted out within earshot, she chose to stay calm and instead worked with the girls to take him out.

They didn’t show it, but it was obvious that the Hunahpu ladies did what Drew was scared of and took him out. Now, the girls alliance can finally come to life.



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