Survivor San Juan del Sur Power Rankings: Will Alliances Stay Intact?

We’re back after a week’s hiatus. It’s been quite a busy week for UrbanTribe and pardon us for missing last week’s power rankings. But it doesn’t matter because Jay and I are back.

Things are heating up the Huyopa now that alliances have been drawn and talks about hidden idols are getting serious. See who we think are on the bottom.

Right now I think Jaclyn is safer than Jon but Jon has more chances of winning. Yes, he's a threat but the eyes are on Jeremy not him. If there are eyes for Jon, it's the other men looking at him as a friend. He's in such a great position that I think he's got a good chance of winning this game.

It's not often that swing votes find themselves in a true power position. Jon and Jaclyn are a different story. They've been in the middle for several episodes now and they've established themselves as a power couple. Due to his relationships with the boys, I think Jon, right now, has a better shot at winning than his girlfriend.

I could put Jaclyn on top as well because she's the lesser threat between her and Jon. But last episode proved that the guys don't really care about her. Still, she's in the middle and I don't see others targeting her.
What Jaclyn has going on for her is she's not an obvious threat. And it seemed that she can see things clearer than Jon. And she can easily make Jon vote according to what she wants. However, she may not be very popular with the jury.

It sucks that the editors are making it seem like she's Jeremy's sycophant when in fact I think they're on equal grounds. But if we're going to compare their security in this game, Natalie has more than Jeremy. Once Jeremy loses an Immunity, he'll be targeted and even if Jeremy wins, the other side will target Baylor. Natalie is safe unless something big happens.
Out of all the members of Jeremy's alliance, Natalie is the safest. It's actually surprising because I expected her to be loud and annoy others. But she's liked even by the annoying guys Alec and Wes. She should be safe especially since everyone's still looking at Jeremy.

I do think that Missy is more of a threat than Baylor but looking at those two, they could really be great goats to bring to the end. If there's any loved ones who can reach the end together, I do believe that Missy and Baylor could do it.
Right now, I don't see Missy winning the game. But she can get to the end. I guess the mother-daughter tandem has become so unpopular that no one will be willing to give her the millions. Baylor, on the other hand, is a different story.

I do think that Wes is playing a good UTR game until his alliance lose the Power Couple tug-of-war last episode. There's still hope though but with Keith's idol being found out by the Huyopa tribe, he could be in danger.
Interestingly, Baylor may have a very, very slight chance of winning, given that she sits with the right people at the final tribal council. I say this because her story, by far, is among the most interesting at this point. She's got the most number of votes and she managed to escape elimination almost every single time. If she goes to the end, she deserves a few votes.

Yes, she's being targeted again but that's only because of Jeremy winning Immunity. Next episode, if Jeremy still wins Immunity, I don't think Baylor is going to be a target especially with the new idol info that shaken this merged tribe. Go Baylor and keep surviving sticky situations!
Alec was charming at the beginning but now he's a rude, annoying kid. It's so easy to vote him off, but anyone who has a brain would think of making him stick around.
Oh this guy has been frustrating. I knew there's a reason why there's no hero edit for him especially when he's brother is Drew. It's because he's just as similar as Drew, and probably even worse. But for now, I think he's in the middle verging on in danger.
He's now more invisible than Reed during the early part of the game. He's so under the radar I wouldn't be surprised if he gets to the end simply because he's done nothing to piss off anybody. He's also not a challenge threat. The problem is, he only needs to be lucky once and win one or two crucial challenges and find himself in the end.

Keith is in danger because the fact that he has an idol that has already been exposed. However, the moment he finds out that everyone knows about it and he's being targeted, he can just easily play it and he'll be safe. There's also a huge chance that people are going to stay away from voting him. It's either they blindside him, or they go the safe route to not voting for him.

His idol puts him at a disadvantage, especially since previews hint on exposure. He's better off without it, to be honest, because it puts the attention away from him. He's old and can be easily beat at challenges.

Jeremy will be targeted the moment he loses Immunity. But thanks to Reed, there will be some new angles in the game because of Keith's rookie mistake of keeping his idol in his bag. That would make people scramble and it may help switch the vote from Jeremy to another.
Although he's now at the majority, there's still a big chance that he gets voted out simply because he's a huge threat. He must work extra hard to keep immunity on his neck.

The preview shows that Reed will do just about ANYTHING to go further in this game. We all know what happens to desperate people on Survivor and I think the aggressive turn for Reed will only harm his chances in winning the game. I think he's going to follow his boyfriend Josh on Ponderosa so I guess, it's not so bad for him.
It's interesting that the moment we start seeing more of Reed is the time when we know that he's about to go home. Two reasons: he's Josh' boyfriend and the trick he's going to pull off at camp may not exactly endear him to the rest.

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