Survivor San Juan del Sur Power Rankings – One Less Twinny

Finally, Survivor: San Juan del Sur is here.

We’re sure all you guys are so excited to see new players duke it out for the latest Blood Vs. Water edition. And did you see the shocking tribal council? If you haven’t seen it yet, check out what happened here.

What can you say about the castaways? Did Baylor and Josh make a mistake by siding with the men? How do you think their decision will affect the game?

For the coming weeks until the finale, we will be giving you our power rankings and predictions on who goes far based on the most recent episodes.


1st: Josh is probably the safest for now because he's well liked by the men and women of Coyopa. But after picking a side, I wonder if the girls would get mad at him. I doubt they would because they'll be outnumbered and they needed Josh to flip on their side. I suppose he's going to be the swing vote again if Coyopa loses another Immunity.

1st: Dale did a great job in going from target No. 1 to the mastermind behind the Nadiya ouster. It speaks a lot of what this man can do. Add his fire-making skills and his unassuming demeanor, no one's going to be throwing his name around for quite some time. If he spends the next few days getting to know the others, he'll secure his place in the merge.
2nd: Alec is nowhere in anyone's radar at this point so I'm pretty sure he's safe. If ever the women of Coyopa flips the table around on the men, I'm pretty sure their target would either be Dale or Rocker.

2nd: I really thought Jeremy would be first to go because, for some reasons, the biggest fans are too excited to contain their emotions and, therefore, make stupid moves. He's been through quite a lot in the first episode, forced to beat his wife. But his saving grace was showing his vulnerability and making first-day alliances. He needs to keep it up and help Hunahpu win challenges.

3rd: Jeremy has an alliance with most of the Hunahpu tribe and if there's anything Tony taught us, that would work in his favor. Plus, he's strong in challenges so there's no way he'll get voted out if Hunahpu find themselves on the choppping block.

3rd: Kelley is in a very good spot. She looks strong in challenges and charming enough to be well-liked by the tribe. And, she has an alliance with Jeremy. She won't be going anywhere soon.

4th: Wes is with the Coyopa men and he seems very well-liked by his other tribe mates too. He doesn't show any negative or villainy vibes unlike what I thought he'll possess preshow so for now, he's safe with the Coyopa men, and the young girls too.

4th: Being forced to duke it out with her husband served Val right because it showed Coyopa that she's not a weak player. I thought if she didn't compete in the duel, she'd be perceived as weak and therefore be an early choice for tribal. And she has a clue to the HII. What I'm worried about is the guys might target her because of the all-women alliance.

5th: Dale still remains as one of the weakest of their tribe but he found a voting bloc in his fellow men so that's obviously a good thing. If the necklace that he found is an idol then obviously, he's golden.

5th: Missy, I think is also safe for several more votes now that she's aligned with Jeremy. It isn't difficult for them to align with Natalie and Kelley. They just need to pick one more person, and I think Julie could be a good ally.

6th: Kelley is one of Jeremy's allies. She's also one of their tribe's strongest women so I think she's safe for now.

6th: Josh, despite his throw-away vote, could still save his game because it looks like the guys are willing to work with him. If he plays his cards right, he can survive the next few rounds.

7th: Missy is another ally of Jeremy. She's well positioned in her tribe despite being one of the oldest. I think she's bound to be safe next round.

7th: No one's looking at Alec now, so he should be in a good position. I'm sure he's used to being overshadowed by his older brother and not getting enough attention, so it should be easy for him to stay under the radar for now. All those years of being overlooked should work well for him this time.

8th: Natalie is the third player Jeremy pulled aside to be one of his allies. The fact that her Twinnie got voted out last round only means two things: the target is off of her or the other way around. I think Nadiya leaving only serves good things for Natalie and I'm looking forward to it.

8th: Jaclyn was not invisible during the first episode but she isn't remarkable either. Surprising because a girl with her looks should be getting a lot of airtime, which got me wondering if she's playing a very low key game or she's just that boring. Either way, she should be safe.

9th: Jon is one of Hunahpu's strongest and I don't see them voting him out anytime soon. My concern for Jon is that he might have a Jenna Morascaesque quit in All Stars because of his confessional about his dad in the first episode. Let's see if that factors in.

9th: I really think Baylor is full of herself. The way she acts and speaks can be a little annoying because she sounds like she thinks she's better than everyone else. That's also why I think she voted for Nadiya. She thinks she's such a good player that she needs to make a "bold" move. Too bad because she shot herself in the foot by taking out Nadiya.

10: I think Baylor's move in voting out with the Coyopa boys is a good move for her. Now, I don't see anyone targeting her. But she's still one of the youngest, and she might be perceived as one of the weakest so I am not too complacent with her position in Coyopa.

10 Natalie is going to be shocked when she finds out her twin is gone. And I hope she channels the anger and use it to get to the end. Right now, she's in the best position because no one is going to worry about her sticking with a loved one.

11th: Hunahpu people can easily target Julie because 1) to weaken Rocker, 2) she's obviously rich, 3) she could be perceived as one of their weakest. If Julie continues to be a good social player like what we saw in the premiere, I think she'll be safe.

11th: I think Julie is going to be targeted because of Rocker, so he needs to go before Hunahpu gets the chance to take her out. Or she needs to make solid alliances right away. By the looks of it, I think she and Missy will have some connection and I hope she uses that to her advantage.

12th: We didn't see a lot of Reed in the premiere so it's really hard to assess if he's good or danger for Hunahpu. They need to show more of him.

12th: Do you know that one guy in class who's so good-looking and nice the other guys get so jealous they bully him? Jon is that guy. Hunahpu will use him only for his strength at challenges but I think they'll cut him off right away.

13th: Val did a great job in injecting herself to the tribe. She even started the women's alliance from what we saw. But the result didn't pay off as one of the Coyopa women got voted out. If the men remains strong, I think Val will be one of their options. Good thing is, I don't think they'll vote her out.

13th: The only thing Keith has going on is that he's got a lovable personality. His drawl and attitude will make the others like him well enough to keep him. However, I don't think he can make solid alliances and when it gets down to the wire, he's gone.

14th: Drew's extremely negative edit last episode only means that he could be one of the first targets of Hunahpu. If he remains being a douche prince, then I think he'd easily get voted out next round or two.
14th: Compared to his dad, Wes has a better shot at getting voted out early because he's a bigger threat. There's also something about him. I feel like he's someone others won't take seriously.
15th: Keith aligned with Jeremy after returning from Exile Island. That should be a solid deal for Keith, but he's also one of the weakest this season, if not the weakest so I'm not seeing good things for our beloved ole dad.

15th: Out of the 18 players, Reed had one of, if not the least air time. Now that could mean one of two things: he'll go to the end or get voted out because he was such a bore. I'm betting on the latter.

16th: Jaclyn is definitely a Coyopa target if they lose again. She's not aggressive, very quiet, her boyfriend is one of Hunahpu's strongest. Jaclyn needs to pray.

16th: Drew is the jock who gets jealous of the good-looking and nice guy (Jon) and does everything in his power to bully the kid. The only problem is it will blow up in his face.

17th: Seems like John is a firework waiting to burst and unfortunately, I think he will next round, and it would save the Coyopa women from getting voted out. If he doesn't, I'll keep on putting him on the lowest spot until he gets voted out.

17th: John can bet that his ass is next in line especially now that the women need to maintain control. One just needs to provoke him until he bursts and opens his mouth. That's all the girls need to send him packing.

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