Survivor San Juan Del Sur Guessing Game: Episode 3 Results

Hello guys!

Here are the correct answers and results for San Juan Del Sur Guessing Game: Episode 3:

1. Who will be the first to make a confessional after Coyopa’s Tribal Council? BAYLOR (20pts)

2. Which tribe will in the paper, rocks, scissors before the duel? COYOPA (20pts)

3. Who will be Julies’s partner in the immunity challenge? MISSY (20pts)

4. Which tribe will score first in the immunity challenge? HUNAHPU (20pts)

5. Which survivor will receive the immunity idol from Jeff after winning the challenge? MISSY (20pts)

6. Which survivor will make a confessional before tribal council? JOSH (20pts)

7. Which survivor will be the first to cast his vote at tribal council? JACLYN (20pts)

8-10.SAFE PICKS. Name 3 survivor who will NOT receive a vote at tribal council on this episode. (20pts each. -20pts for every pick who will receive a vote, -50pts if one of your picks, gets voted out) ALL EXCEPT BAYLOR & ROCKER


In exile island, will the immunity idol clue holder share the clue to the other survivor? Yes or No. (+50pts if you get it right, otherwise, -50pts) YES


The top scorer for this episode is Nickson. However, based on our rules, editing is not allowed and Nickson made an edit on his answers. Thus, Nickson’s score for this episode will not be counted. The highest scorer next to Nickson is Dustin. He will received the +50pts next round, as the top scorer of the episode.


Tahara maintains his over all lead with a total of 415 points. Dustin is close second with 410 points. The rest, pwedeng pwede pa humabol! 🙂 Stay tuned for the questions for the next episode. 🙂

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