Survivor San Juan Del Sur Guessing Game Episode 13

Come on in guys! Welcome to the 13th round of Survivor San Juan Del Sur Guessing Game!

Let’s get started. Here’s how it works:

Post your answers as a comment on this blog. You can only submit once, editing/changing of answers is not allowed. The images below can either give you a clue or confusion, you can rely on it or you can simply trust your own instincts. You can submit your answers starting today until an hour before the live airing of the episode. For the full mechanics, click here.

Here are the questions:

1. Which survivor will take the center (yellow green) spot in this challenge? (50pts)

2. Who will be sent to exile island? (50pts)

3. Who will make the first confessional after the immunity challenge? (50pts)

4. Which survivor will Jeff ask first during tribal council? (50pts)

5-7. SAFE PICKS. Name 3 survivors who will NOT receive a vote at the  tribal council. (20pts each. -20pts for every pick who will receive a vote, -50pts if one of your picks, gets eliminated from the game)


+75pts for the first to post, +60pts to the 2nd, +50pts to the 3rd.

+20pts for everyone who will post today. (Tuesday, Dec 9)

+5pts if you post your answer as a comment on this blog. (not FB comment)


1. Share the link of this post in Facebook and tag me. (+25pts)

OPTIONAL BONUS QUESTION: (+100 if you got it right, otherwise, -100)

Will Missy be pulled out of the game? 

Survivors’ ready? Go!

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