Survivor San Juan Del Sur Guessing Game Episode 10 Results & Special Announcement

Come on in guys! Welcome to the 11th round of Survivor San Juan Del Sur Guessing Game! Before we head to the questions, here’s the result of round 10:


Vince is the top scorer for episode 10 & reclaims the overall top spot! Congrats Vince, you’ll receive +50pts next round. Reign climbs up to the 2nd spot, JC still at number 3, followed by Ellis, Dustin & Veejay, who is now at 6th spot from number 1 last week. It’s still anybody’s game! 🙂

Special Announcement: Next week is a 2 hour back to back episodes of Survivor and we will be playing DOUBLE YOUR POINTS. The top scorer for the next round will get +100pts for the next episode and scores for each correct answer will be doubled too! 🙂 This is the time to make habol guys! Goodluck!

Questions for the next episode will be posted soon. For the meantime, here is the bonus task worth 75pts each photo: The following are Loved Ones of former survivor castaways, Give the names of the survivors and their relationship. Ex. Naonka’s Boyfriend.




Post your answers here as a comment. Goodluck and stay tuned for the questions for episode 11 & 12 🙂


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  1. Bonus task
    1. JT’s Younger sister
    2. Chris’ fiancee (then)
    3. Adam’s Dad

  2. 1. Jon’s sister
    2. Jaclyn’ mother
    3. Alec’s father

  3. Ellis Jaezen Medrano

    1. Adriana / J.T. Thomas’ Sister / Tocantins
    2. Lorie / Chris Daugherty’s Fiancee (now wife) / Vanuatu
    3. George / Adam Gentry’s Father / Cook Islands

  4. 1st Pic: JT’s sister
    2nd Pic: Chris’ Fiancee (now his wife)
    3rd Pic: Adam’s Dad

  5. 1.
    3. Adam Gentry’s Father – George

  6. 1. JT’s sister
    2. Chris Daugherty’s former fiance, now wife
    3. Adam Gentry’s father
    4. Mahal and Mura

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