Survivor San Juan del Sur Episode 8: Throw It In the Trash

In a game that’s riddled with lies and deceit, respect still plays a crucial role in everyone’s game.

There’s a thin line that divides being nasty for the sake of game play to actually being disrespectful to a person. And that usually costs someone a million dollars. We saw this happen to Josh and his alliance this episode when they failed to show Baylor and Jaclyn the respect they deserve.

Repercussions of Julie’s quit

Julie’s quit last week bought Jeremy one more day but it also put their alliance in jeopardy. With one person gone, Jeremy’s still in danger of going home because Jon and Jaclyn sided with Josh.

Thankfully he won immunity and that guaranteed him a few more days in the island. It’s great how we’re seeing Jeremy play this game really well both in terms of strategy, challenges, and social skills. Out of all the people in the game, he’s one of the very few who talks a lot of sense.

jeremy wins immunity

And his story is great so far. Is this a winner’s edit?

To win the game, you first need to ensure you have the numbers on your side. And even when you do, you shouldn’t rest easy and be cocky. In this game, anything can happen. The little things can screw any solid game play.

That’s exactly what happened to Josh.

How Josh lost his touch

He had the numbers. Jon and Jaclyn were on his side but he did one thing wrong. He guilt-tripped Baylor. Yes, we know you saved her butt at the beginning but you can’t expect her to take your side by telling her she owes you big time.

Baylor didn’t respond to it well. She felt being blackmailed. Add to that the fact that he wrote her name down the first time. Had he talked to her and asked her nicely, maybe Baylor would’ve considered jumping. Or maybe he could’ve showed Baylor that he needs her help, that he’s willing to do what Baylor wants if she spares him this tribal.

Another thing he missed is keeping tabs on his allies. At the beginning, we saw him in control of his game. Everyone talks to him. He knows what’s going on. He knows what to do to make sure things go as planned.

This time, however, his desperation to get the numbers seemed to have distracted him. He forgot to focus on Jaclyn, which is a very important vote. It didn’t help that Wes, Alec, and Keith were rude to Baylor and Jaclyn.

These guys, especially Alec, have really become annoying. They behave like frat boys and have absolutely no regards to women. For the first time, I felt bad about how Keith and Alec treat Baylor.

Alec making Baylor throw his fish leftovers in the water is so disgusting. And so were his remarks about making sure she smells his gas. And how he believes that Jaclyn will do anything Jon tells her. And how he’s so rude about the fire-tending comment.

jaclyn annoyed

This guy needs a wake-up call. He’s starting to look worse than his brother.

And I was surprised that Missy kept quiet about everything. Props to her for keeping her emotions intact especially since her alliance is still in a precarious position.

The importance of respect

When you need numbers, you have to treat everyone with respect. That’s what almost always get people on your side. Strategy talks and pointing out challenge threats don’t usually persuade people. Sometimes, the answer is very simple: treat people the right way.

It was fun seeing their faces at tribal when Jaclyn started to talk about feeling disrespected and basing her and Jon’s vote on that. It looked like Alec and Wes had absolutely no idea how their behavior towards the girls affected their game.

Josh goes home

So Josh is finally sent home. It’s quite disappointing because he’s a strong player. He showed a lot of potential and would’ve gone farther had he picked the right people to align with.

Next week, Reed pulls out all the stops. He resorts to dirty tactics and tells everyone Keith has an idol. Let’s see how it turns out for him.


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