Survivor San Juan del Sur Episode 13: Blueprint for the Perfect Blindside

Episode 13 Nat crying

Revenge is such a beautiful thing, especially in a game like Survivor. And it’s very rare that we see someone successfully pull of a vindictive act that’s so clean the victim can never see it coming.

Interestingly, Nat’s act of revenge could’ve been thwarted had Jon been more receptive of what his girlfriend says. Half the time, Jon is too busy thinking about his jury speech to consider what Jaclyn has to say.

On several occasions already, Jaclyn voiced out concerns about Nat’s loyalty. But Jon just shrugs it off, believing that Nat’s uber loyal to them especially after sharing that last reward.

Could Natalie be the savviest liar in the history of the game?

We’ve seen a lot of lies in Survivor. If memory serves me right, no one has lied so perfectly like Natalie. She’s got no problem being caught in a lie because she can very easily get away with it. She screwed up the last vote and even when she was caught reaching inside the cookie jar, she managed to turn the tables and blame Jaclyn and the rest for not being clear about things.

Who does that so effortlessly?

Ideally, anyone who screws up a vote should be the next to go but Nat has wonderfully worked her way into her allies’ hearts they’ll feel guilty about not talking to her enough about strategy instead of entertaining the idea that she might flip.

She also saved Jon’s butt by convincing him to play his idol during the Reed boot.

She makes challenge decisions with her allies’ opinions.

She shared her reward.

Then she finds an idol, take the second biggest challenge threat and makes him indebted, work with a sensible young ally, and then plot her move.

Now that’s what a TRUE under-the-radar play should be.

Natalie has laid out the blueprint for the perfect blindside. Future players need to pay attention.

What’s masterful about her quest for revenge is no one even knows she’s out for blood. She didn’t get crazy when Jeremy was blindsided. She just kept quiet and stirred the pot when no one was looking. That was very clever of her.

She didn’t give Jon, Jaclyn, and Missy any reason to doubt her allegiance.

Advice to future Survivor players: when someone screws your allies, don’t go ballistic so that no one, in the future, will suspect that you’re trying to pull a fast one.

Natalie’s amazing power play may just have saved this season from getting too boring. And it’s great to see how her story developed over the weeks. And I do believe that she’s getting the winner’s edit right now.

Her Exile Island moment where she cried as she talked about her twin sister kinda reminded me of Tyson during the first Blood Vs. Water when he talked about how everything he’s done so far is to avenge Rachel.

I’d be stunned if this girl doesn’t bag the prize next week.

Next week is the finale and I can’t wait how everything turns out. To be fair to the rest of the players, they’ve all contributed something to the season. They have interesting stories and can—except Missy—pitch something solid to the jury.

I can’t wait how Jaclyn is going to fight with Nat when they get back to camp.

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