Survivor San Juan del Sur Episode 10: Go Up in Smokes

In a crazy game where you can’t be absolutely sure which way is up, it’s important to have proper discernment. The ability to see beyond the smokescreen will become very handy to any future survivor.

This week, discernment helped save the majority alliance and resulted in one of the more interesting tribals this season. Thanks to Natalie, a carefully crafted plan went down in flames, which increased her chances of getting rid of the person she just saved.

Winner’s edit?

Natalie with idol

Throughout the season, the big players who seemed to have the best chances of winning were eliminated. Then all of a sudden, we see Reed getting a lot of air time and then Natalie, who’s been quiet for weeks, is now being shown to make quite a number of moves.

She was blindsided this week then she was shown trying to get her allies to explain what went down. Then she discusses her plan to exact revenge but not until she can get rid of one other guy. Then she goes ahead and finds the hidden immunity idol, cementing her alliance with Baylor along the way.

She did very well in the immunity challenge. But her shining moment was at tribal council, when she told Jon to play his idol. She saved Jon. She saved the alliance. And by doing that she somehow takes control of the game because she gets the chance to blindside him when the opportunity comes.

In her confessionals, she mentioned about waiting for the perfect timing. I think it speaks metaphorically of her journey in this game. And that’s why I believe she can win.

Plan that went up in smokes

Let’s go back to having the right discernment. The ability to judge well has almost served Reed well

Too bad he’s aligned with someone as foolish as Keith to let important information slip.

When Reed gave up his reward for Missy, I’m pretty sure it’s not because he wanted her to experience something nice. He needs to make her feel indebted so he can stay in the game. It’s a good move, actually, because it turns out Missy is down with his plan later on in the episode.

Just the same, Natalie took advantage of the opportunity to find the hidden immunity idol. It was quite impressive because she only relied on memory to locate the idol. The good thing about it is she made Baylor even more loyal to her because of the idol, which can only serve her well.

When your back is up against the wall, there’s no telling what you can pull out of your hat to save your butt. Shii Ann did it in All Stars. Brett managed to get to the F4 in Samoa. This time, Reed won immunity on the night he was supposed to go.

This just shows how motivation and will power can help you pull out a win.

For a while I thought Reed was either going to quit or be voted out in a forgettable manner. It’s good that we’ve seen his crafty side. His plan for tribal was very good. It’s well-thought and has the potential to turn the game.

The only problem is he’s aligned with a dud.

Although Jon was a little apprehensive, he trusted Missy, who trusted Reed. It was supposed to be an awesome blindside but Keith had to open his mouth and ruin everything.

Chaotic tribal council

This is a very fun tribal council. The moment after Keith tells Reed to “stick to the plan” is the time when chaos ensued. Nat and Jaclyn started talking. Reed tries to pacify a surprised Jon. Everyone’s whispering while Missy answers Jeff’s questions.

I’ve never seen a tribal council like this since Caramoan. It was hilarious.

Episode 10 Wes Voted Out

Then Natalie saves the day by convincing Jon to play his idol. Keith also tried to get Wes to use his idol but his son didn’t feel in danger at all. So he ended up going home.

It would’ve been a great blindside and this night could’ve changed the course of the game. Reed could’ve been a power player but his plan went up in smokes.

And that’s something no survivor wants.

Interesting and funny moments

Reed wins immunity

  1. Jeff giving Reed the immunity necklace while on the ground, with his legs split.
  2. Natalie’s epic fail spit during the immunity challenge.
  3. Baylor telling her mom to shut her mouth and Missy saying something in retaliation.
  4. Wes talking to Jeff about his cameo in Two and a Half Men.
  5. Alec referencing Jesus while trying to stay on the wooden structure.
  6. Keith idoling his son out.


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