Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Did They Do the Right Thing by Voting Out Nadiya?

Did Coyopa do the right thing by voting out Nadiya?

That’s the big question after we saw the former The Amazing Race all-star got her torch snuffed at the end of the first episode of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.

Nadiya Anderson, the feisty half of the Twinnies was clearly blindsided when Jeff revealed she got five votes, making her the first contestant to be eliminated first in two different reality shows.

Interestingly, we knew that the Twinnies are going to be a target not only because they ran two seasons of The Amazing Race but also because they are legit Survivor threats. What took us (or me, at least) by surprise is she got targeted very early.

Coyopa at camp

This may not be good for the tribe in terms of challenges because, clearly, Nadiya is way stronger than half of the men in Coyopa. I think it was a bad move for the tribe because she won’t be a threat until the merge. And there’s a huge chance can count on her (and Natalie) to be loyal to them because the Twinnies aren’t that ruthless schemers.

Coyopa may suffer a huge setback from this vote because, even with John Rocker, it doesn’t look like they’re strong enough to take on Hunahpu. But, we’ll see.

Nadiya’s ouster will clearly affect some of the remaining players’ games. Here’s how:


It’s still uncertain how this is going to turn out for Josh because he’s got two alliances. He took the safe road and threw a vote to keep both alliances from thinking of him as a flipper, but that may also be seen negatively.

What he needs to do is pick a side and work on making others trust him because if he doesn’t, the others might decide he’s too untrustworthy and vote him out.


It was a bold move especially after she just joined the all-female alliance. I think it’s going to hurt her because there’s no way the guys would pick her over Josh or whoever’s the weakest member of the male alliance.

She was in a good spot in the girls’ alliance but she blew it. Unless she forms a really tight bond with Alec and Josh, or she pledges her loyalty to the girls because there’s no way they’re going to trust her now.


Out of the entire Coyopa, eliminating Nadiya benefits Dale the most simply because he would’ve been the first to go. Thanks to his glasses and his persuasive ways, he managed to avoid the axe and put himself in a semi-power position.


Since she’s the one who’s put together the girls’ alliance, Nadiya’s ouster might put a target on her back. That might become even bigger if another person goes to Exile Island and finds out about the hidden immunity idol.

She needs a backup plan. Either reach out to Baylor and Josh or connect with the older guys at Coyopa. And she must find the idol.

As for her twin, Natalie, Nadiya’s elimination could only make her more determined to win the game. She can channel that anger and go on to the end. Plus, she becomes less of a threat now that her partner is gone. What she needs to do now is make sure her alliance is strong enough and try not to annoy others.

I still think she can make it to the end even without her sister.


A big WOW for Dale for going from the outsider to the decision-maker. Hopefully he continues to make the right moves and go deep in the game.


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  1. “Ruthless” picked up too fast. Lol!

    1. We have someone to thank for that 🙂

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