Survivor: San Juan del Sur Pre-Season Cast Assessment and Rankings

In just a few days, the newest season of Survivor is going to air. By this time, Survivor fans have already placed their bets on the castaways they want to see make it to the end and be declared the Sole Survivor.

Have you placed yours?

Of course, you can’t predict who gets to the end without getting to know the new players. That’s why Jay and I have come up with our cast assessment and rankings. See who we think will make it far in the game. Oh, and you can come up with your own, too. Just hit us up at the comments section below.


1st: I think Drew is going to be the Malcolm of the Christy brothers. He's got the complete package and more importantly, he's a fan of the show. I think he's going to win if he overcomes the fact that he's an obvious threat to win the game.. All he need is a solid alliance and he's aces. I think he's got the killer combo to win Survivor.
1st: Surprisingly, any of the Twinnies can make it to the end because they are spark plugs. And since they're willing to vote each other out, they have a good shot.
2nd: I already laid out the reasons why I like the Twinnies but one thing that made me like Natalie more than Nadiya is that when Dalton Ross asked her which player her twin Nadiya is going to play like, she answered Rupert and ruthlessly laughed right after. I like that and that made me put one spot higher than her Twinny.
2nd: Like her sister, I won't be surprised if she sits at the FTC. I expect them to make island life explosive.
3rd: I can't distinguish her personality right now compared to Natalie. I didn't watch her TAR season but all I know is that the two will be a force to be reckoned with in this game. Their interviews are way LIVELY compared to their competitors and as much as I think there's a possibility that they're gonna be annoying, I have no choice but to root for them because I'm a fan of enthusiasm. Twinnies got them.
3rd: She's very charismatic and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets deep in the game. She seems like a strong player so she should be a valued tribe member.
4th: I think Reed is one of the strongest in this bunch - physically, mentally and socially. He's also a fan of the game so I think he's going to be great strategically. If he avoids the threat status, he'll go far and he can possibly win too.
4th: She reminds me a little bit of Cirie. I may be wrong but she looks sly. She's smarter than she looks.
5th: I think she's the most promising. I can see her leaving early but I can also see her going far and I want her to go far that's why she's in this spot. I think she's very self aware. Her age is going to be her biggest obstacle.
5th: Very likeable and if he makes a good impression and form a solid alliance, he can make it to the merge.
6th: He's my least favorite of the bunch so far. But to be fair, I think he's going to be good in the game. He seems capable and social enough to go deep in this game but if I were to choose, I hope he gets voted out early. I really hate that he compared himself to Russell Hantz. That alone is the deal breaker why we should not root for this guy.
6th: More likeable than her daughter, so I'm not surprised if she places higher than Baylor. Let's just hope she's more cutthroat and doesn't give in to mother instincts.
7th: I like Kelley! I think she's perfect for Survivor. She seems physically fit, socially capable and strategic. That's something that's going on for her. I hope she doesn't end up being like Brooke Struck though or Kelly Czarnecki. I believe Kelley is going to be a force but I don't wanna jinx her so I put her in the middle of this ranking.
7th: Don't let his nice guy aura fool you. He came in the game with the mindset of a business man and I think he's willing to make bold moves to get far.
8th: I think they're pegging Jon to be the John Cody of this season. The nice guy who loves his girlfriend so much. Unfortunately, as much as I think Jon will be nice, I also think he's extremely boring that there's no way he can duplicate the niceness and vulnerability of John Cody in the first Blood vs Water. I could see him winning this game but let's wait for the premiere.
8th: Competitive and smart. It's obvious she's close to her mom but I think she'll vote her out if it comes to the wire. She and her mom can make it to the merge.
9th: He's giving me massive 90s vibes because of his resemblance with The Moffats and the Hanson brothers. Between the Christy brothers, I think one of them will be the Jason Siska and the other will be the Malcolm Freberg. Obviously, I think Alec will be the Siska but I guess slightly better. Well for one, Jason believed that a stick is an Immunity Idol. I don't think Alec will fall into blunders like that but I'm starting to think that it would be fun if he will so 9 is the right spot for him, for now.
9th: I have a good feeling about Keith. It looks like he's ready to throw his son under the bus if it's going to get him far. He'll surely rank better than Wes.
10th: He's in the merge boot spot. I think Jeremy will go far solely because his tribe is going to need him in challenges. He's buff and he seems social enough to bond with the rest of the cast so good for him. But even though I see good things with this guy, I also think he's going to fade in the background ala Cliff Robinson last season.
10th: She looks a lot smarter than she looks. I think her social game is better and can make the right decisions. She'll definitely last longer than her boyfriend.
11th: I think he's nice but I think he's going to be super nice that he'll end up being invisible and boring. For now, I believe Reed will be the better player between the two but I can see it being the other way around too if Reed ends up being an over aggressive playing mess.
11th: The only difference I see is that he's more charming than his boyfriend. No chance to win the game.
12th: Keith seems comedic in a good way. He seems feisty, easy going, fun loving and likable. But let's face it, he also doesn't look like the strongest so I'm not really counting on him making it far in this game. I wish he would though.
12th: I feel something's not right with Wes. He's like the less popular high school jock who thinks he's cool when everyone's actually laughing at him. No chance at winning.
13th: I think Missy is going to be an asset on her tribe but she's not going to be able to find an alliance immediately. She's a player I predict to be a great player but on the wrong tribe. Thus, she might not be able to reach the merge. Please prove me wrong.
13th: Sweet and pretty, it should be easy for Jaclyn to get the others to like her. But she doesn't look like she's got enough strategy to make it to the merge.
14th: Jaclyn has a nice and touching story but I don't think it translates into her being a great player. I think she's going to be beaten by the more aggressive players. Jaclyn? I just don't see her being aggressive.
14th: These guys are obviously the more entertaining ones. I don't think they're a threat in any way and, with the right people, can slide through the merge.
15th: People are going to target her because of John Rocker. Besides, she also looks like she will have a hard time fighting the elements on Survivor. I think she'll be an early boot and I hope I'm wrong and she'll end up being a pleasant surprise.
15th: Two words: early target.

16th: Oh my goodness! We already have Keith. His only role in this game is to support her daughter's journey in winning this game. I should be thankful to him for that but other than that, I find him really bland. I don't think he's going to go far too.
16th: His physical strength will be advantageous but he doesn't look like he has a solid social game, which is important. I feel he's going to annoy someone and that'll get him voted out.
17th: People are going to hate me for this but I'd love to see John Rocker survive at least two or three episodes. Let's face it, he's going to be DRAMA and a huge void will be missing if we lose him first. Unfortunately, with the SJDS preview, I think he's going first. He's aggressive, offensive and I don't see any redeeming quality so far.
17th: There's no question: this guy will annoy a lot of people and will be voted out early. He's a worse version of Brad Culpepper.
18th: Another police officer! But I think Val is going to be nothing like Sarah or Tony from Survivor Cagayan. I think Val is going to be an asset in her tribe in terms of challenges but I think her weakness would be the social aspect. I think she's going to be unaware too. I hope she provides the laffos. Most importantly, I hope she proves me wrong and does a Tasha -- someone I predicted will be an early boot but ended up being my top favorite of her season.
18th: Laid back and easy going. He's also a huge fan, so I'm sure he'll try to make a move. Unfortunately, I don't see him making it farther than Val.

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