Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen X Episode 3 | The Science of Words in Survivor

Self-awareness is a very important trait to have if you’re playing Survivor.

It is tough because you always have to be aware of your conversations. You need to know exactly what you say, when and how you say things. You also have to keep track of the words that come out of your mouth.

Your choice of words can make or break your game. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lie or the truth because in a game that’s constantly riddled with paranoia, saying the wrong word can turn things around quickly and the next thing you know, Jeff’s reading your name at tribal.

Many people make the mistake of letting their guards down when talking to their allies. That should be okay because you trust them, right? Well, not really especially if your alliance has 5 other people in it. There’s a lot of room for doubt.

The thing is you have to be more careful when talking to your allies because you don’t want to give them a reason to get paranoid and jump ship.

You need to be more cautious of your choice of words or you risk triggering a red flag.

That’s what happened to Paul, who got blindsided at Episode 3 of Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen X.

Survivor 33 Episode 3 Paul

Paul had a close brush with elimination last week. It would’ve been a nice story arch if he can come back from that scary health situation and take his 6-person alliance all the way to the end.

But Survivor has a way to completely pulling the rug from beneath you. Although he was clearly the top guy in the Gen X tribe, Paul went home at tribal. And that’s because of one crucial mistake: wrong choice of words.

His comment to Jessica about a hypothetical girls alliance sealed his fate. He may not have intended to make Jessica question his loyalty but his recklessness during conversations like this gave his allies a valid reason to not trust him.

He was too complacent and tactless. His lips sealed his own fate.

And that’s a lesson future Survivors must learn. Choice of words matter.

The wrong word can cost you a million dollars.

You need a lot more control when talking to your alliance than your enemies.

Just as important is knowing when to say things.

Timing is crucial in making moves, which is what Michelle impressively displayed last episode. It’s also important when doing collateral damage, which is clearly not among Hannah’s strengths.

While it’s important to do damage control as soon as possible to mend relationships and reassure people you’ve betrayed that you’re not going to do it again, it is a lot more important that you listen when they tell you to give them time to process things.

Survivor 33 Episode 3 Zeke

I am amazed at how dense Hannah is. I get that she’s trying to reassure Zeke and Adam that she’s still with them (though it appeared more like she’s defending her move which led to her looking like the victim) but when Zeke asked her to leave them alone for the meantime and she just kept on blabbering her excuses, it’s clear how socially challenged this girl is.

Or she could just be insecure that she can’t fully own up to her action.

Instead of repairing fences, she just might have annoyed Zeke to the point that he wouldn’t want to talk to her about it at all. But Zeke is a smart player and being in the bottom right now wouldn’t really matter because Hannah is willing to play a role in whatever strategy he has just to redeem herself.

Question now is will she?

Good for David, Cece, and Ken because while they’re ready to throw Paul under the bus, they didn’t have to do anything because the alliance turned on itself. This spared them from looking bad in the eyes of the ladies, who are more likely to flip. And now that the head of the alliance is gone, the bottom three are definitely going to have more market value.




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