Survivor: Kaoh Rong Power Rankings for Episode 3

What a surprising turn of events last time! Both of us didn’t see it coming. And although the tribal’s result surprised a lot of us, it’s part of the reason why we so love watching this show.

So, let’s see if, based on the edits for the past two episodes, we can get it right this time. Check out our Power Rankings for Episode 3.

1st: Michele. I only read good things about Michele from Jeff's assessments. He even compared her to Parvati so I see that as something that implies she will go far. She will go far!

1st: Liz. She seems to be in a majority at the Brains tribe and despite her earlier clash wit Joe, it doesn't seem to affect her standing in the game.
2nd: Anna. She received a cool down episode after having a LOT of airtime in the premiere. That's a good edit on Survivor. I really think she'll be the runner up this season. I'd be happier if she wins it all.

2nd Michele. I don't see the Beauty tribe losing any challenges yet and even if they do, Michele isn't a likely candidate for the boot. She seems perceptive and knows how to read and get along with people. She is someone to watch out for.

3rd: Julia. I have too much faith with the girls of Beauty that they will remain as my top 3.

3rd: Julia. Her sweet, country vibe is all she needs to get the tribe to like her. There's something about this young lady that makes me think she can get deep in the game.

4th: Jason - I don't like this player (yet) but I can't deny that he's on top of things at Brawn so he's definitely safe.

4th: Caleb. Last episode we saw how cool Caleb is. His bromance with Tai definitely endeared him more to his tribe. And that's what he needs to avoid any type of target. Big Brother has taught this guy valuable Survivor skills.

5th: Tai. He's still not on top in the Beauty tribe and he has yet to redeem himself despite the hilariously adorable #stolenkiss, but even if they lose, he can just easily find the idol whether they see him or not, and play it to his advantage, then voila, SAFE! I love Tai, but not as much as I love the Beauty girls. 🙂

5th: Anna. I think there's something more to her stunning looks. Deep inside the beautiful shell is a masterful, sly social player who can make it really far.

6th: Cydney. She's not on top of the totem pole, but neither at the bottom. I think she's safe. More room for improvement for Cydney.

6th: Cydney. The Brawns are on a sinking ship and, luckily, Cydney has a private lifeboat. No one's going to want to vote her out anytime soon.

7th: Scot. I do think that Scot is in a great position in Brawn but putting him here just in case something unpredictable happens again.

7th: The girls think he's hot and he's kinda cocky. But because the Beauty tribe looks strong, I see no reason to be worried for this guy's life in the game.

8th: Debbie. She's crazy and having a great edit. But I think she's going to go far in this game. There's too much focus on her to just get voted out early. But we'll see if she's just a pre merge player like J'Tia and Varner. More airtime doesn't always translate to longevity in the game. I have a good feeling she's gonna be successful in this game though. She's bonkers so I don't know how she'll be able to pull that.

8th: Neal. He doesn't seem like he gels well with the tribe as a whole. ANd he's a little weird. So that might be a problem down the road.

9th: Caleb. He's with Tai so I don't think he'll be the casualty of an idol play if the Beauty loses. However, I don't see him being in a great position in the Beauty tribe either. He only has Tai and that's it.

9th: Peter. Even if Brains lose this time, who's going to be bold enough to vote out the president?

10th:Neal. He could also be in danger for being allies with Liz. He's proven to be a much better human being than Max Dawson though so forgive me for comparing him to that crap.

10 Aubry. She's not a standout but she isn't a pain in the neck either, so she's just somewhere in the middle. What she needs to do is lock it in with a solid alliance because once the numbers get smaller, she's going to be an easy vote.

11th:Peter. The preview implies that him and Liz are teaming up, and are controlling the game with Debbie countering their group. If Liz is safe, I think Peter is in danger. Good for him that he's an asset to his tribe for the challenges, coz if not, there's no reason for them to keep him if he gets too cocky.

11th: Joe. He's old and aligned with Debbie. Unfortunately for him, the old guy's often the easy vote. If they lose, there's a possibility he's gone soon.

12th:Aubry. She's only this low because I can see her edit going either way. They can make her a hero, or they can make her a zero in a snap. That's how flexible her edit can be in this game so I can see her going the route of the epic Jennifer Lanzetti, but very much aware that I'm pretty much reading too much on her edit.

12th:Scot. He's strong, and big. But he's also cocky. It only takes one rude comment for the girls to kick his NBA butt out of Cambodia.

13th:Nick. Since Tai only needs a few more efforts to find the idol, I do think that Nick will be in danger if he finds it.

13th:Alecia. This girl has grown on me so much I'm rooting for her to get to the end. Her first episode edit was so horrible we thought she's a sure boot but she definitely redeemed herself last week. Her resilience is such an attractive quality.

14th:Joe. His fight with Liz is not good, and he's also the oldest and could be seen as the weakest. The only thing that hinders me to put him on last in the Brains tribe? Debbie. She's gonna save Joseph del Campo and will be successful in it.
14th:Kyle. He's starting to look like a jackass especially wit how he treated Alecia the last two episodes. I think Scot is more of an asset in challenges so he's going to be more likely to get voted out.

15th:Alecia. I'll keep Alecia, who's by the way one of my favorites this season, at the bottom until a shakeup happens. It's just that I think the Brawn could lose again and if they do, Alecia's very much in danger. I don't see Scot and Jason splitting, and Cydney is way composed than Jennifer to have a meltdown. But who knows?

15th:Tai. Now I know why he's in the Beauty tribe. He's really fun to watch but his idol-hunting ways can send him packing.

16th:Liz. You in danger girl. She keeps having a bad edit even though it seems like she's the most likable player in the world. I don't see her going far. Alecia's feistiness could outlast Liz' intelligence and that's too bad because both players have potential.

16th:Debb. Cuckoo. Annoying. She also thinks too highly of herself and she doesn't shut up. We know what happens to players like her.

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