Survivor: Kaoh Rong Power Rankings for Episode 2

We’re back after a short hiatus. This time, the rankings are even better (we hope). Find out who we think is going to get voted out next after each episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

1st: Michele. Winner of Survivor Kaoh Rong. While her girls Anna and Julia showed more personality than her, Michele still proved that she'd be a strategic force in this game and I have a feeling that she'll end up winning it all.

1st: Liz. Her job title says everything we need to know about her. Her good looks doesn't hide the fact that she's a smart woman. And because her tribe is strong, she isn't going anywhere.
2nd: Anna - my favorite after the premiere. She's got the looks & body, and she's willing to use these to go further in the game. But what's more important is she showed she's also intelligent, stealth and competitive. Very promising.

2nd:Julia. Seems cheerful, which means people will like her. Right now, it seems that the girls in their tribe are sticking together, so she should be in a good spot.

3rd: Julia - I'm very impressed that she's a superfan of the show because she doesn't seem like the type who watches reality shows, but she proved it by recogonizing Caleb and that's a plus. I can also feel like she could win, but her being 18 could be detrimental to her victory. It's just the first episode so we'll see.

3rd: Caleb. His Big Brother stint could hurt him in the long run, but right now, it seems that there isn't a reason for him to get voted out. If any, he should be well liked by his tribe.

4th: Jason - he's untouchable in the Brawns tribe right now, so I feel like he'll be safe for a couple of weeks. But once a shake up happens, I feel like he has to put his voice aside for other people if he really wants to go further. For now, Jason is safe.

4th: Anna. Beauties are generally safe at this point in the game especially since they look strong enough to win challenges.

5th: Aubry - Yes, she showed a bit of her weakness with her anxiety attacks, but once the Immunity Challenge hit and she started slaying with the dive and grab challenge, I can tell that her tribemates are going to see her as valuable in their tribe.

5th: Cydney. Obviously a physical asset, there's no way Cydney's going home pre-merge.

6th: Caleb - After Tai dug his grave, I think Caleb climbed a few notches in the Beauty tribe. Glad that he didn't lie about his Big Brother stint because that's definitely a smart move on his part.

6th: Joseph. His age will be a liability, especially in a tribe comprised mostly of younger players. Unless he turns his social game on or lead his tribe to victory, he could be gone soon.

7th: Scot - Like Caleb, it's wise to divulge his NBA career to his tribemates. But other than that, he's also very valuable to his tribe and currently at the core, so like Jason, he's untouchable. He can be a little cocky though which I think will be his downfall in this game.

7th: Peter. No reason for Peter to be on the chopping block. He's strong and sociable.

8th: Jennifer - Earwig queen. I'm glad that like Aubry, she's able to overcome what happened to her before the challenge, and actually showed how valuable she is on her tribe during IC. Unfortunately, it seems like Jason and Scot are leading her tribe's pack so as long as she survives a few more rounds, I think there's more room for Jennifer to wiggle around the game.

8th: Nick. Girls like him. He's strong and that should help his tribe win another immunity. With the girls on his side and Tai as a first potential boot, Nick should be okay.

9th: Peter - He's not as bad as I thought. I thought he's going to be ala Phillip but Debbie already reserved herself that spot. Right now in the Brains tribe, I think he's in the middle with Aubry so he's safer than Liz/Neal or Debbie/Joe.

9th: Aubry. Her temporary illness didn't affect her performance at the challenge and won't be an issue in case they go to tribal next, especially since she has a relatively strong bond with the Liz and the younger guys.

10:Neal - I have a feeling that he'll be the Max this season. He's a bit righteous about Debbie but I feel like she's gonna outlast him.

10 Michele. Being aligned with Julia and Anna (and possibly Caleb), Michele is in a good spot.

11th:Liz - I hvae a feeling that she'll be the Shirin this season. It's a shame because she's one of my preshow favorites but her edit is obviously trying to make her look like she's arrogant and insincere when Aubry had her anxiety attack so we'll see.

11th: Jennifer. If there's one thing the first episode showed us, it's that this girl is tough. What she went through was painful yet she managed to hang on and perform well at the challenge. Safe.

12th:Cydney - I'm a bit disappointed with her in the first episode. She's not aggressive with her game and let Darnell be voted out. She didn't do anything but follow Scot and Jason so that's what she got. One alliance down. I see more room for improvement though.

12th:Scot. A clear asset to his tribe, Scot isn't going anywhere.

13th:Nick - He seems cocky, and if the Beauty tribe loses, I feel like he could be one of the women's first victim if Tai managed to pull a miracle.

13th:Neal. Although he seems a little weird, which can be a problem at tribal, he seems to have blended well with the younger people in his tribe, which, luckily, comprised the majority. So he's safe.

14th:Joe - Joe's biggest liablity is his age. Neal already packaged himself with the youngings, and all Joe got is Debbie so I don't see any future for him in the Brains tribe unless a shakeup happens.
14th:Kyle. He's already established an alliance so he should be good even if his tribe ends up at tribal this week.

15th:Debbie - She's the milder version of J'Tia and Coach but I'm unamused. I can't wait for next episode to learn more about Debbie but for now, I think she's vulnerable.

15th:Debbie. For someone in the Brains tribe, Debbie isn't smart enough to know when to shut up. She might bring a lot of life experience to the table but she may not have the chance because her tribe mates will grow tired of her annoying, chattering ways.

16th:Tai - Entertaining and unassuming, but not so discreet when he searched for the idol. His tribemates don't trust him anymore so he must do something to gain their trust back.

16th:Tai. Tai made a huge mistake by sneaking out to look for the idol. He didn't think it through and people immediately got suspicious. He was in a good position, being well-liked by most, but this threw mistrust his way.

17th:Alecia - Trainwreck. Crazy eyes. Hilarious. While I like to root for castaways with these qualities, unfortunately I think she's next if her tribe loses another Immunity.

17th:Alecia. Her painfully awful performance at the previous challenge almost ended her adventure at Cambodia. Right now, there's absolutely no reason for her tribe to keep her.

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