Survivor: Grande Island Episode 8 | The puppets are the puppeteers

The last tribal council gave everyone a sigh of relief as they believe they have eliminated the snake in the game. Now, they can have more peace and quiet at camp. But will chaos and paranoia really take a break especially now that there are fewer players left in the game?

Immunity challenge

The final 10 participated in a PSL classic: 4 Pics 1 Survivor. This time, instead of identifying Survivor castaways, the players need to also figure out which seasons they belong to.

The challenge was done in 24 hours and posting of the questions were made randomly, meaning the castaways have to be on the lookout for when the pictures are going to be uploaded. They were also informed that there is a hidden immunity idol in the challenge.

“It comes in different types
Of colors too, but maybe not.
Some are afraid of it,
Even if they already have it.”

Clueless to the meaning of the riddle, the castaways still tried to guess the answer but most of them were wrong.

After a grueling 24 hours, Charles got the most points and won immunity, guaranteeing himself a spot at the final 9.

Tribal council

First vote…

Bao, the tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go.

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