Survivor: Grande Island Episode 3 | Taking us down like dominoes

Things are not looking good for El Capitan as they lost two consecutive members. What’s even worse is morale is down. Jonathan said last time that they desperately need a shuffle. But in a game as unpredictable as this, will it happen or will we see them get Ulong-ed?

Despite not having won anything since the start of the game, El Capitan hasn’t lost hope. They were determined to pull off their first win.

But things change quickly in this game and the remaining players found themselves swapped. The tribal lines are drawn and there are no longer Pinoys versus the World. It’s a mad scramble to the top from this point on.

The new tribes were:

El Capitan: Elmo, Grant, Mauritz, Bao, Isacc, Charles, Ron, and Juan
San Quentin: Dabi, Kim, King, Excel, Jonathan, Nam, Renzo, and Haley

So the tribes were given a chance to get to know their new tribe mates better. At El Capitan, things get a little interesting between the German DJ and Pinoy nurse.

Immunity challenge


For the first immunity challenge as new tribes, El Capitan and San Quentin had to play another classic challenge called Pass the Bucket.

Each tribe needs to send images of different types of buckets in a specific order. The first tribe to complete 10 cycles wins the challenge.

While both were hell-bent on finishing on top, San Quentin was obviously in charge and they managed to pull off a major victory over El Capitan who wasn’t even able to finish one cycle. So they go back to tribal council.

Tribal council

Seems like the curse of El Capitan didn’t leave the tribe, as once again, even after the swap, El Capitan lost the immunity challenge.

Elmo, what does it feel to be attending tribal council for the first time? What are your thoughts going into tonight’s tribal?

I am very anxious going into this tribal. I really worked my ass off to win that challenge but unfortunately we fell short. This tribal is very crucial. Will people put their personal interest first? Or would they think about the chances of this tribe to not get annihilated by San Quentin. Keep in mind that the other tribe is very strong and the only way to make it is to stop losing.

Bảo, what did you feel after the tribe swap? Was it a good news or a bad news for you? What was the vibe around your new camp and what can you say about your new tribemates?

I think tribe swap is fine because it is a part of the game even though I was shocked because I never see any swap this early. Our camp, everyone is really great. We welcome each other with an open arm, we are unified as one and I think we just need some more luck in challenge to break the curse because everyone always try their best to help the tribe.

Looking at the tribe division, we have 4 Pinoys and 4 foreigners making up the new El Capitan. Charles, what can you say about this tribe division? It will only take one to flip from their side to make up the majority of 5. Do you see any signs of flipping from your or the other’s side? Does this bother you?

Yes there are 4 Pinoys and 4 foreigners. I think this is a very tricky mix-up because if we stick to our original tribal lines, then we will be screwed. Screwed in a way that a possible rock-drawing will happen this early in the game. Not really signs but more of hints. And hints are tricky as hell. It could mean one thing, or it could be a totally different thing. A little bothered, but I am ok.

Mauritz, you have attended the first two tribal councils and now you are here again. With this tribe division, how important is this tribal council for the WORLD and for your game? Surely, the numbers is clearly not on the WORLD’s side, but looking at your tribe, how important is tonight’s vote?

Heeey, yeah I guess third time is the charm. It sucks. I was sure we’ll win this competition and then this! Tonight’s vote is highly important. It’s the first tribal with this new tribe so it will show us who’s really with you and who’s not. So yeah, huge vote. I’m basing my vote on trust and what I think is the smartest for me and especially the tribe. Fingers crossed.

Talking about the last immunity challenge. Juan, seems like you committed some of mistakes that made you repeat your cycles a lot of times. Does this bother you, that your tribemates might use this to vote you out?

Yes I did commit some mistakes but I tried to cope things out during the IC. It bothers me on why we have not won the challenge. I felt great in my new tribe I can still show to them what I can do more, for now I’m not thinking of turning my torch off. I still want to use it on my way to El Capitan camp.

Grant, same story. You committed errors during the challenge that made you lose your rhythm and repeat cycles. Do you feel scared or threatened that you might be the one going home tonight? What was your plea for the tribe to save you?

It’s possible the error I committed in the challenge will spell my doom, but I think I’ve shown my value to these people in other challenges; both in this and other ORGs. Whatever I have to do to stay alive.

Isaac, you were not there in the last immunity challenge. We know what this means. Same question, do you think you are becoming more of a liability than an asset for the tribe that’s why they decided to vote you out? What did you tell your tribemates for them to keep you?

Ron, you took the lead in the last immunity challenge. You made the plans, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. What do you think was the problem why you lost? Do you feel that you must be blamed for your loss?

Yes, I did took the lead for the last immunity challenge. I thought of a way to organize our performance during the challenge but it didn’t work. The problem was San Quentin was quicker in doing the challenge. I dunno how they did it. I hope that the tribe will not blame the challenge loss on me – I only did what I thought would help us win. It just shows how determined I am to win that challenge and any future challenges for the tribe. I just hope they could see the good in my actions the last immunity challenge. My vote will be based on how we can move forward as a stronger tribe despite the fact that we will be losing a member of the tribe.

Lastly, for everyone: Where will you be basing your vote tonight?

Once the votes are read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. And if anyone wants to play the hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to do so.

No one stands up.

First vote:

However, Jeff didn’t get to finish reading the votes. After being inactive for quite a while, it was decided that Isaac had to be medically evacuated, making him the third person eliminated from the game.

15 people are left. Who will be voted out next?

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