Survivor: Grande Island Episode 1 | Dipping my toes on the enemy rivers

This season, the new batch of castaways were in for a surprise. As the new players prepared for an exciting new season, they were shocked to know that they’ll be living in just ONE camp.

Thirty minutes into the game and everything changed. Alliances shifted and the dynamics were shaken. Some were already thinking about cross tribal alliances while others are already talking smack about the rest. One player questions his ability to perform well in the game while another is already plotting to oust someone.

With the caliber of cutthroat players this season, it wouldn’t be a surprise if people are already neck-deep in their plans. There’s no doubt about it: people are going to get burned. It’s just a matter of who’s going first.

Immunity challenge: Quest for Fire

The challenge is divided into four parts: shooting, digging, word puzzle, and fire puzzle.

For the first part, 4 players will play the basketball game in Facebook messenger and must score 20 to move on to the next stage.

For the second part, 2 people will dig for puzzle pieces by choosing numbers from a grid.

For the third part, 2 people will work togeter to find all the words needed for them to collect the pieces for the final puzzle.

For the final stage, 1 tribe member will need to solve a fire puzzle to win immunity.

Players for each tribe are:

Part 1

San Quentin: Dabi, Juan, King, and Excel
El Capitan: Jonathan, Haley, Bao, and Anthony

Part 2

San Quentin: Ron, Kim
El Capitan: Isaac, Matyas

Part 3

San Quentin: Renzo, Elmo
El Capitan: Mauritz, Grant

Part 4

San Quentin: Charles
El Capitan: Summer

San Quentin took an early lead and headed straight to Part 3 in just a matter of minutes. El Capitan managed to catch up but got stuck at Part 2. San Quentin quickly finished the Word Puzzle, giving them a huge lead for the final stage.

But El Capitan did not give up and eventually finished stages 2 and 3. However, San Quentin’s lead was too much for El Capitan as Charles managed to solve the fire puzzle, winning immunity for San Quentin.

Tribal Council

El Capitan went to their first tribal council and had to deal with Jeff’s questions:

Haley, what was the vibe around camp when you first landed the island? How did you feel about your tribe?

This has actually felt like on of the nicest tribes I’ve been on so far. It almost makes this vote hard. But, there always inactives in these games to make it easier.

Grant, you lost your first challenge as tribes. What did you feel after your loss? What is the vibe around camp after you lost?

The vibe is definitely a little sad, but I think we did demonstrate some strength in the challenge. Sad but hopeful.

Jonathan, Nam, what do you think is the reason behind your loss? Do you think there is someone to blame for the loss?


It was so close I think El Capitan did pretty good at this challenge. San Quentin finished first, that’s the only reason we loss, there’s no one to blame about it, organization is fine, communication is good, everyone agreed we just need to improve our speed and not at all, calmed and steady worked well for us.


First of all that’s not me. I tried. I did my best. It was so close. Everyone was tried their best just not enough. I can not blame anyone, I’m just a little disappointed.

Matyáš, Anthony, you were not present in your challenge last night. Do you think this is a reason for your tribemates to vote you out? What is your plea for them to keep you?


Yes. Definitely. This is a reason for vote me out. BUT. Guys please. I am very sorry for that. I will be active next time.


Well, I was at work during the challenge, providing for my family. I hope I’m not the first to go.

Isaac, you took a long time looking for the 2nd bag of puzzle pieces. Do you think this can be a reason for your tribe mates to see you as the weakest person in the tribe? What can you offer the tribe for them to keep you?

Yes it took me sometime. But I didn’t give up. I continued to play hard for my tribe I think I should be fine. My other tribe member who was with me didn’t show up. You can never be safe in this game. But I don’t think I’d be voted out for trying.

Mauritz, are alliances already been made at this point of the game? Have you made up your mind in who to vote tonight?

Well Survivor is a game full of alliances. I guess some been made already. Yass I made my decision who to vote for. No brainer for me.

Lastly, for everyone, what are your thoughts on who to vote tonight? Where you will be basing your vote?


My vote is based on the contribute to the camp and the active around camp if we want to win the next challenge.

Before reading the votes, Jeff asked if anybody had a hidden immunity idol and if they would like to play it. No one stood up. So he went ahead and read the votes.

In a close vote (5-4) Matyas became the first person voted out of Survivor: Grande Island.

17 are left. Who will be voted out next?

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