Survivor Game Changers Episode 8 | Balls

Ask any winner and they’ll tell you several things needed to win Survivor.

Understandably, these players utilized different strategies to snag that win. But as many as these recommended strategies are, there’s one very specific thing needed to have a shot at winning: a Survivor needs to have balls.

In a season filled with huge threats, players are more likely to play it safe to avoid being targeted (and makes for dull TV) but there are a few exceptions–those who are willing to swing for the fences or allow themselves to become vulnerable.

Cirie has come a long way in Survivor. She was supposed to go home first but her strategic thinking and excellent social game catapulted her to the Final Four.

She was a legit threat by the time Fans Vs. Favorites ended. She has orchestrated one of the best plays in Survivor history when she convinced Erik to give up his immunity.

Many say her ship has already sailed especially when she was voted out early in Heroes Vs. Villains but that didn’t stop fans (like me) to still hope for a Cirie win.

But as strong as she was in social game and strategy, her physical limitations have become her liability and this episode highlighted that.

However, instead of being portrayed as a negative thing, it ended up as one of the most powerful moments in Survivor history.

She may have cost her tribe the reward but she gained a lot more: the support and love of her tribe.

It took balls to expose her weakness and accept help from her tribe mates. There was no reason to put herself in a possibly even more humiliating situation by attempting to cross the balance beam but she did it any way–and succeeded.

Some part of me wondered, during that scene, if it was symbolic and foreshadowed her fate in the game?

Can she finally rise above her limitations and make it to the other side and win?

It’s not impossible.

It could be tough. But we’ve seen see Cirie pull off amazing things and at this point, as the last legend standing, nothing is holding her back.

Sarah isn’t holding back, either.

She’s flipped last episode and she’s flipped again this time.

It’s very reminiscent of Chaos Kass and it seems to be working to her favor. Her edit has been positive so far and it wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up in the finale.

Flippers almost always get voted out as soon as the majority has enough numbers to control the game and it takes balls to do flip on more than one occasion.

Sarah has certainly lived up to her promise to play like a criminal.

She’s found the secret advantage and built strong enough relationships. Right now, no one is looking at her as a threat.

If she keeps this up, she could go really deep.

Speaking of threats, Michaela is definitely a physical force to be reckoned with but she’s not being given the chance to shine this season.

She’s overshadowed by the bigger players and she’s been reduced to just a vote. However, it doesn’t mean she’s forgettable; she’s anything but one.

She may not have been impressive in terms of challenges and strategy, but she’s remained to be one of the most colorful characters of the season.

Her antics at tribal council are so hilarious they sometimes border on being dangerous. But this girl doesn’t hold back especially if she’s pissed. Each time her name comes up at tribal, someone gets blindsided and she knows how to make each one memorable especially to the viewers.

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