Survivor Game Changers Episode 4 | You Just ‘Gut’ to Believe

Intuition plays a crucial role in the strategy in Survivor.

Although logic is the driving force when forming alliances and deciding who to vote for, your gut instinct will come really handy during critical times, like tribal councils like this one.

In an unprecedented move, Survivor sent two tribes to tribal council to vote out one person. That only means one thing: chaos.

It now becomes a battle to take one out from the other tribe. Mana and Nuku are now fighting to both save a former ally and take out a threat from the other side. But plans go haywire, just like what we’ve seen, and this is when you go beyond logic and listen to your gut.

Two tribes, one tribal, one boot, CHAOS

Sandra, once again, showed us how much she’s playing the game at that historic tribal. When Hali commented about being concerned about the physical threats in the game, she immediately knew that her former tribe mate was sending a message and told the others Hali wanted them to vote for Brad.

Sandra was right to listen to her gut.

But being intuitive doesn’t always work out well. Relying on your gut instinct doesn’t always lead to good decisions.

Hunches work well when you act on it right away, like when you’re walking down the street and suddenly felt the urge to turn back because you thought you left something at home. The second you stopped in your tracks and turned around, a speeding bike flew by, missing you by inches.

Following your gut instinct has to be instantaneous because if you spend more time thinking about it, you’re more likely to disregard it because logical thinking will step in.

That’s why overthinking doesn’t really benefit you at all. Or players who can’t put aside personal agendas for the benefit of the tribe.

Like JT.

Nuku got it right. They would’ve eliminated a physical threat and maintained the numbers advantage had they listened to Hali. All that back and forth evidently complicated things and we saw a completely blindsided Malcolm leave the game.

Sass and sharpness are Sandra’s strengths

Sandra is schooling these people on how to navigate through the crazy mind games of Survivor. In this episode, we saw how aware she was of everything happening around her. Apparently, she’s also aware of the dynamics at the other tribe to quickly pick up what Hali is trying to tell them. Her hunch was right. Brad would’ve been the best person to vote for.

I think all that time spent in overthinking the scenario and going back and forth about their decision turned the tables on them.

That perfectly explains why you need to act on your hunches right away.

It’s funny seeing her be straight up with Jeff and confidently declares she’s not going anywhere. She has a clear idea of what’s going to happen, which only means she has successfully convinced her tribe to vote her way. Remember she said prior to tribal council that they should get rid of Sierra. They all ended up writing her name down.

Sandra’s control over her tribe is impressive. But as her reign continues, the target on her gets bigger. Should she downplay or just continue to play straight out of Mariano’s hand book?

Social Brad-erfly

Nuku, Sierra in particular, has Tai to thank for her new lease in life at the island. It’s impressive how Tai’s luck when it comes to idols. There wasn’t much to admire about his game play in Kaoh Rong but this time, he’s done at least one thing right.

But we might have to thank Brad for it. Watching Brad play the social game is starting to get enjoyable. He’s in his element this time and manages to make the right decisions. I’m starting to think that he’s far more equipped to play this game than his wife. He’s got Tai wrapped around his fingers and if he continues to do things right, he just might surprise us all. That is, if Tai doesn’t screw things up.

Crazy tribal councils and JT are never a good match

In Heroes Vs. Villains, JT made the fatal mistake of handing Russell Hantz an immunity idol, thinking that he would join forces with the Heroes during the merge. His hunch was wrong. And it cost him his game.

That historic tribal council will go down in Survivor history as one of the best.

Sadly, many considered it one of the stupidest moves in the history of the game. But it can be argued that what JT did is strategic. That game changing move was risky and because JT had no clear idea of what’s going on in the other tribe, there’s no way he could’ve predicted the outcome. He swung for the fences, which is admirable. It just wasn’t the right move.

He found himself in another crazy tribal council. He was, once again, in the center of all the action.

The only problem was, this time, he is sabotaging his tribe.

In a way, he was trying to save his real ally in the game, so that must be strategic to some degree. But they are not merging anytime soon and throwing his entire tribe under the bus will only make him public enemy number 1. It doesn’t make any sense to rat out who they’re voting for and then ask Brad to vote out Sandra.

The last time he played, his own idol burned him. This time, his stupid mouth just sealed his fate.

He needs a miracle to work his way out of the mess he just made.

He crossed the Queen. We know what happened to the last guy who tried to raise a rebellion.

The impressive inner workings of Hali’s mind

We haven’t seen much of Hali until this episode. So far, all we’ve seen is her muttering few words at tribal council. But as short as her words were, we know there’s something buried in her retorts.

I was impressed at her masterful use of words at the last tribal council. By carefully picking her words and talking at the right time, she saved herself from being deemed a traitor while sending a message to her former tribe mates that she’s as loyal as the day she left.

Her hunch was right when she paused and told Jeff she didn’t consent when it was time to vote. She could’ve changed the game at that moment. But she was overpowered. Everyone was ready to vote.

She gave a pretty good warning, though. “You might regret it later,” were her words as she stood up to cast her vote.

Hali followed her gut but the others just didn’t believe enough.

So we say good bye to one of the most popular players in Survivor. Bye, Malcolm. Had you only believed.

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