Survivor Cambodia Eps 10 & 11 | Trusting People You Can’t Trust

In a series of unprecedented moves, the returnees of Survivor Cambodia veered away from the traditional alliances and instead formed voting blocs to further themselves in the game.

The switching allegiances (or the lack thereof) eliminated potential threats and left us with hardcore players who are each playing their own game. 

As Survivor’s strategy evolved right in front of our very eyes, it made it very obvious how paranoia is rampant.

There’s absolutely no way to tell who you can trust because the person voting with you tonight could be writing your name down the next tribal.

That’s everyone’s dilemma. They know they have to trust people who they know they couldn’t and shouldn’t trust.

But they got no choice. They need to put their trust to someone without any guarantee that they’re coming out unscathed.

That’s what Stephen learned the hard way. Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi helped him vote out Wiglesworth at the previous tribal. You’d think that being at the bottom would make the three girls stick with the new voting bloc.

But this season can be as unpredictable as Abi’s move and we saw how Ciera helped orchestrate the ouster of Fishbach.

Lucky for the Know-It-All, he has a loyal ally in Jeremy who didn’t think twice about playing the hidden immunity idol for his most trusted ally.

Idol plays are always fun especially when it shatters well laid out plans.

No one suspected Jeremy owns an idol which is why it was so great to see shocked faces when he told Jeff he’s playing it for his buddy.

And he was right to do so because Fish got majority of the votes. Ciera, unfortunately, got idoled out.

Ciera voted out

Jeremy has been a contender for the million dollars from the get-go. And he’s slowly building his resume.

The blatant idol play obviously put him in a precarious position because he just told everyone he trusts Fish the most, and made Spencer feel betrayed.

It could be argued that he should’ve just given Fish the idol prior to tribal so their alliance doesn’t get exposed.

But that would rob him of a shining moment.

Saving Fish at tribal is a big move. And that is something that can help him plead his case at the finals.

For Fish, it was a sure sign of trust,something that’s been lacking in the season so far.

For Spencer, it was a wake-up call. It revealed his place in the alliance. And it didn’t help that Fish chose Tasha and Jeremy to go on a reward with him.

So that left him with no other choice but to side with Wentworth and the rest.

Joe was target number one for a very long time and now that he doesn’t have immunity around his neck, it’s time to cut him loose.

That’s what Fish thinks.

Ciera’s seeds of doubt have finally taken root and got the rest to turn on Fishbach especially since he has an advantage.

Sadly, all of Fishbach’s strategizing caught up with him and made him the newest member of the jury.

His elimination is bad for Jeremy. He ended up wasting his idol and he’s now in the minority.

Tasha finally chose to put her trust in an alliance but it was wrong timing. How is she going to recover from this one especially since she doesn’t have that strong of a bond to the others?

Will Kimmi, the last old schooler remaining, continue to fly under the radar?

Spencer is not in a good spot even if Joe is still in the game because now that Fish is gone, he’s easily the smartest person in the game and he’s not very popular at camp either.

It’s so easy for someone, like Abi or Wentworth, to point it out and get him voted out next.

As for Wentworth, her ability to stay under the radar helped deflect any target off her. She just observes, listens, and make moves when the opportunity presents itself.

kelley ep 11


The best part about it it seems like she’s not burdened with the need to put her trust on someone to stay alive. Sure she has Abi and Joe and Spencer, to some degree, but she’s in a position where it’s fine if those she’s working with decide to go a different route.

Her finding the idol guarantees her a few more days because the others are worrying about people like Joe and Jeremy.

And that can bring her very far in the game.

Updated: November 30, 2015 — 11:03 pm

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