Survivor Cambodia Episode 8 | When Playing Hard Gets Bland

Now that is a blindside.

This is what an All-Star season looks like. Thanks to Wentworth, we were treated to one of the most memorable blindsides in the history of the game.

More importantly, we finally saw the last of Andrew Savage.

Ep 8 Savage voted out

Savage is, arguably, one of the most memorable old schoolers because he was a clear contender for the million dollars but he was eliminated thanks to the notorious Outcast twist.

Back then, we loved to hate Lil for sealing Morgan’s fate by working with Drake to take out their leader.

Back then Savage was a character we looked up to. He was a true leader and a loyal ally. He was the alpha male you want to root for.

But things changed in Cambodia. For some reason his image became tainted. He was bashing Stephen for playing the game and launching a stealth attack on an ally.

Although these things aren’t despicable in a game filled with manipulation and deception, there was something sinister about the way Savage came off to some viewers.

He seemed villainous.

All his talk about playing with integrity and loyalty was marred by his some of his actions.

He expects others to be compelled to empathize with his love story, he acts as if it’s a sin to work against him in his confessionals, and willingly shows the finger to an ex-tribemate.

It was a behavior you won’t expect from someone who goes by the name Savage.

He appeared arrogant, condescending, and conceited.

Which is why his ouster was so yummy you can’t help but relive the moment over and over.

It’s very anti-climactic.

He got mad at Stephen for looking for the idol on Day One and then 21 days later, an idol took him out of the game.

And it was also a woman, who was at the bottom of the totem pole, who voted him out.

From the start, we knew Wentworth was going to be part of something big. Her edit was so positive you’d guess she’d come out victorious at the end. Maybe she will. But for now, we finally learned what the producers were building up on.

It’s great to see how she went from being in the majority to the lowest rung of the ladder and how she deftly got out of it.

If she makes it to the end, she definitely has one solid case to plead.

The question now is how she’s going to ensure her idol play secures her a solid spot in the dominant alliance. Having Abi and Ciera isn’t enough to escape the chopping block, so she needs to work hard.

With Ciera’s all-out attitude every tribal, it shouldn’t be, ideally, hard to plant seeds of doubt in the others’ minds.

Girl is right. Someone’s playing for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th.

What’s interesting is, everybody else thinks they are in a better spot than they actually are.

It must be extremely frustrating to see an older version of herself in her tribemates: stubborn people who aren’t willing to make a move because they think they’re on first-class seats.

Wiglesworth, Kimmi, Spencer, and the others need to realize that with each safe vote, they’re running out of people they can use to get in a better spot.

Everyone is playing very hard. And while ‘playing hard’ looks different with each player, there’s no denying that they are still in the game and that means whatever they’re doing is working.

The problem is people are playing so hard it has become bland. Why? Other than the three people in the bottom, no one is initiating a move.

They’re playing safe by sticking with the numbers. While there is nothing wrong with that, it guarantees most of them a seat in the jury. And they have no idea their Ponderosa arrival will come earlier than expected.

This is because a lot of these people believe they are in the core alliance. And that’s why no one is rustling feathers yet.

But will things change now that Jeremy’s core group has already been exposed? Will the others be willing to take a gamble before it’s too late?


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