Survivor: Cambodia Episode 5 | The Look of Blindside

Oh that lovely face that quickly turned sour.

Monica clearly didn’t see it coming. When Jeff fished out the fourth parchment and read out her name, the Samoa player was completely dumbfounded.

The look of utter shock was quite pitiful especially when she started looking at her allies one by one–Stephen, Jeremy, and Kimmi, who didn’t want to catch her eye to see the painful look of a blindside.

It’s a classic juicy blindside, something we haven’t seen in a while and much of it has to be credited to the Australian Outback vegetarian.

It was a crafty move that could’ve backfired because turning on your ally when there are easy votes almost always bites you in the butt. But apparently, her disgust, fueled, I think, by the clam issue, got the best of her. It was a good move. It showed that she has some semblance of control over the tribe, which she can benefit from in the future.

The result: three people were blindsided that night.

All-women alliance

It could be easy to blame Monica for wanting an all-women alliance but it’s not really a bad idea. Kimmi said Monica was wrong by playing for Monica but it isn’t. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

In fact, what she’s suggesting makes a lot of sense. There’s a good number of strong males left and based on the original plan, another woman is going to go next. It’d be hard to knock off the alphas at the merge stage so having a solid group of women could benefit Monica and Kimmi in the long run.

This is good for Jeremy and Stephen for now. But, going back to what Stephen is saying about sending the wrong message to the former Bayon members, could it backfire come merge time?

Will it affect pre-game and pre-merge alliances?

We can’t be certain about that but what’s guaranteed is it’ll be something one of them will regret in the future.

Would Monica’s fate be different is she shut her mouth about the clams? Maybe.

I find it extremely funny how Kimmi got so pissed at Monica’s concern for the clams for two reasons: 1) she’s supposed to be a vegetarian and 2) she’s a vegetarian!

It took us back 14 years ago when except there were no chicken and finger-wagging involved.
Kimmi has, indeed, turned her game around.

Spencer and Woo go full circle

Two other players who completely turned their games around are Spencer and Woo.

Spencer is doing well in terms of social game. In fact, it was his saving grace. Bonding with Jeremy has really been advantageous for him. Bayon 2.0 wanted Kelly out instead of him.

Woo is also doing well. From being clueless at every tribal, he’s now integrated himself well at Angkor. His touching story about his mom made him even more rootable now. I’m not sure what the editors are planning with his story but it looks good at the moment.

And don’t you find it funny how Savage and Tasha responded well to Woo and not to Abi’s lame attempt at fishing for sympathy?

How dare she compare her replaced tendon to Woo’s mom’s heart transplant.

It’s interesting to see how Tasha’s patience is running thin when it comes to Abi’s antics. How far can she stretch her patience and, more importantly, will Abi remain loyal to her given how erratic the Philippines contestant is?

It’d be a wise move to cut her loose the first chance she gets because working with someone unpredictable almost always never works.

Ta Keo 5

Last week’s preview hinted about some unlikely players making some moves and we discover that it was the birth of Ta Keo 5. It wasn’t really exciting but it is great news for a number of people:

Joe can now rest assured that he won’t be the first threat eliminated.

Ciera, whose allies Monica and Vytas have been eliminated, now bought herself a few more days.

Kass now has people who kinda like her, which is good if she wants to stay in the game longer.

Keith should feel safe and wanted because, compared to his first season, people came to him for an alliance.

Kelley just wiggled her way to safety. Being one of the only two original Ta Keo members, she’d be an easy choice for elimination if they lose immunity since Deitz is an obvious challenge asset.

Deitz, as of the moment, is like on exile island without any allies. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him become Ta Keo’s first casualty.

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