Survivor: Cambodia Episode 4 | The Road to Redemption (Or Not)

Coming back to Survivor with former people you’ve played with presents one potential problem because others will assume that you’re going to band together.

And in a game like this, it only takes one person to assume that you’re in an automatic alliance and eventually lead to a witch hunt.

Woo, Kass, and Tasha all played together in Cagayan. And after being voted back in, this is one of the possible challenges they will have to face.

Fortunately for them, this is not the case.

In fact, they totally embraced their second chance and played differently.

Redemption for Second Chancers

Kass is perhaps the one with the obvious evolution. From the annoying and chaotic player, she’s now in good terms with her tribe, even making birthday presents. Nice job.

Although she ended up in a loser tribe after the shuffle, Tasha managed to up her game and call the shots when it mattered.

She single-handedly turned the game around at Angkor. It was a feat worthy of a second chancer. The girl’s swinging for the fences.

But what’s most surprising is how Woo finally took charge of his game.

It’s safe to say that everyone knows Woo isn’t a contender for the million dollars even if he’s sitting at the finals (unless he’s sitting next to Abi) because he’s not strategic at all.

Plus, he’s too nice.

And clueless a lot of times.

But at the last tribal council, Woo went from #ninjastealthmoves to #ninjaninjutsu and ended up staying over old schooler Jeff Varner.

When Angkor lost, or shall we say gave up, at the immunity challenge, it was a toss up between Woo and Varner. And the choice is obvious: Woo because he voted for Abi and Abi was calling the shots.

But what Woo has going for him is he has no connection to the other tribes and although he’s a clear challenge threat at the merge, he is a loyal ally. And that’s what he leveraged on during the heated tribal council.

We’ve got to give it to him for fighting hard. Varner’s pitch was compelling but the Cagayan player didn’t give up. Even as he walked up to the voting confessional, he assured Abi of his allegiance.

Lucky for him the ninja gods were listening and he lived to see another day.

The Cagayaners’ road to redemption definitely had a good start.

From Hero to Zero

But we can’t say the same thing to Pearl Island’s Morgan leader. While he pulled a win at the reward challenge, which could be attributed to luck because he was trailing at the run in all rounds, he evidently gave up during the immunity challenge.

His excuse at the end of the challenge was even more annoying than his story on how he met his wife.

It was all they have? Com’on. That’s a lame excuse for giving up. From the time they started assembling the puzzle pieces, he was shown just standing, sweating, and trying to get some rest. How was that giving it their all?

It took Colby 19 seasons to go from hero to zero.

Savage did it in just one episode.

Too much, too early

And isn’t it disappointing that Varner is gone?

Although we saw it coming, it was painful to see him get eliminated because he wasn’t even supposed to be on the chopping block. He was in control. There were four original Ta Keo members.

Tasha and Savage were two easy votes. But because he chose to stay loyal to Abi, he eventually paid the price.

He said in previous episodes that Abi can be a tool to get to the end. Well, it turns out Abi’s another person’s tool and not his.

As much as we enjoy watching Varner’s confessionals, his overstrategizing ended up as his demise. I don’t know what’s more painful, the fact that he was two spots away from his last placement or Abi just might make it to the merge.




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