Survivor Cambodia Episode 3 | The Problem With Loyalty

In a game like Survivor, trust is a commodity.

Most of the time, one has to earn it. It’s very rare when it comes naturally between two (or more people). It can be bought by giving away reward or forced, like when you blackmail someone with a hidden immunity idol.

Regardless of how it’s obtained, trust is the currency of the game.

With it comes loyalty. And for these second chancers, the problem with loyalty is it’s something they are not willing to give to anyone.

And that becomes a problem because they can’t stick with one another.

You’d think that with all the pre-game connections and alliances it’d be a walk in the park for many because they can be sure someone else has their back.

But no. The dynamics of the game is constantly changing there’s no certainty as to whether or not your ally right now would be your Judas the next minute.

Everyone who’s been eliminated so far has been stabbed by the very people they were aligned with.

One minute they’re safe and the next saw their torch getting snuffed.

Talk about loyalty.

Varner flipped on the old schoolers and took out Vytas.

Abi dropped Shirin without hesitation.

Abi and Varner, despite having the numbers, turned on Peih-Gee and sided with Savage and Tasha.

Kelley did everything she could to throw Terry under the bus.

As difficult as it is to see your favorites get stabbed in the back, it makes for very good TV, which is why this season should be so fun to watch.

A classic Survivor power shift

Swaps are a major game-changer. No one likes them because it usually means getting screwed strategically. Plus, there’s the chance that you end up on the worse camp or, in the case of Angkor, no camp at all.

Savage was devastated after the swap. And with reason. They have no shelter, food, and the worst part is they’re in the minority.

The four former Ta Keo members can easily vote them off.

Which is why it was impressive how the two were able to turn Varner, Abi, Tasha, and Woo against each other that easily.

Well, we have to consider the fact that Abi is in the equation and any scenario where the Brazilian dragon is present often means trouble.

She was out to get Peih-Gee in trouble–from the moment Peih-Gee commented on how she’s dry during the downpour to the time the three of them were deciding how to vote at tribal.

Add to that Varner’s Bubba move at the challenge.

It was all Tasha needed to turn the table around and take control of this episode. Without much effort, the minority suddenly had control. And sent the China fifth placer packing.

It’s obvious that Tasha is swinging for the fences and won’t stop at nothing to win this time. She’s clearly strategizing her butt off, which she didn’t get to do the last time. And by the looks of it, we’ll be seeing a lot of her in future episodes.

Loyalties change at the drop of a coin in Survivor. When tribes switch, you’re expected to, at the very least, give the impression that you are now loyal to your new tribe mates.

There’s only one time in the history of the game when someone tried to verbally communicate with someone from the other tribe post-swap.

Bubba earned the ire of his new tribe and factored in his elimination.

Will Varner share the same fate?

He was a sure goner after Tasha caught him mouthing something to Wiglesworth but due to the conflict between Abi and Peih-Gee, he lived to see another day.

Let’s see if he wiggles his way out of this mess in future tribals.

Still, it was a wise move to side with Abi, Savage, and Tasha to not show any hesitation in voting for Peih-Gee.

The problem with loyalty is you can’t really be sure who’s going to stay loyal until the votes are read. And in this season of hardcore players, you can only pray that your allies, at the very least, stick with you this one tribal council.


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