Survivor Cambodia Episode 2 | Old Schoolers Have the Upper Hand (For Now)

Coming into the game, the old school Survivors may have been a tad worried about getting picked on one by one because they’re up against some of the savviest and most cutthroat players of the game.

It makes sense to be scared because Survivor has changed so much people are playing the game even before they hit the beach.

Survivors from a decade ago would take the first few days making camp life easier and establishing relationships before strategizing.

It’s different now.

People form Day One alliances and already have a pretty good idea of who the threats are.

And watching the first episode, it seems like the old schoolers, with the exception of Varner, are having a little difficulty catching up.

They are still playing quite similarly to their previous game.

Which is why it’s a pleasant surprise to realize that they’re actually safe at this point.

jeff varner survivor cambodia

The first two boots are new schoolers. And this is credited to Varner’s incredible social skills. He’s become so savvy it’s so fun to watch him pull the strings. The way he does his confessional kinda reminds me of Hatch. This is one guy to watch out for.

The guy is playing hard and he’s willing to make moves this early.

You’d think that after the Vytas boot Kelly and Terry would be in the minority. But even though the Outback veteran flipped, he still managed to keep his former allies safe, while taking out another new schooler.

Consider him a flipper but one’s thing’s clear: Varner has ensured he doesn’t go anywhere because of his connections with both groups.

The question now is which group will he ultimately stay loyal to?

Regardless, Varner only needs to make sure the others don’t realize how much power he has at the moment because it might bite him in the ass (foreshadowing fulfilled) even when he gets transferred to a new tribe.

Wiglesworth has successfully managed to deflect any target. Good for her but bad for the others because the longer the original Kelly stays in the game, the more dangerous she gets.

kelly wiglesworth survivor cambodia

It’s great how she’s not overstrategizing. As long as she continues to do this, there’ll be other heads thrown into the guillotine.

She just has to establish real connections with people to make it to the end.

Terry, on the other hand, has established a solid alliance with Varner and Abi. This could work for him in the short term because we know Varner is willing to throw anyone under the bus and Abi is erratic.

Spencer was right when he said the girl’s cancer. Pretty much like the real disease, you wouldn’t know you’re dying until the signs are evident.

Just take a look at what happened to Shirin.

Abi’s unpredictability makes her a liability. No one wants an ally who’s crazier than the monsoon.

Her allies won’t be able to keep her on leash. And that spells doom for anyone who’s aligned with her.

Still, their current setup makes the Old schoolers safe at the moment.

The same thing applies to Bayon.

We didn’t see anyone annoyed by Kimmi, which makes her safe at the moment.

Savage, as annoying his story might be, has managed to establish a connection with the other alphas.

A good move considering how physical threats are eliminated at the first opportunity. At this point in the game, the tribe needs their strength so he’s not going anywhere.

How compelling his emotional tale was is another question.

I just don’t think the others are naive enough to not want him out at the soonest.

What’s very interesting this season is how very quickly the dynamics change. We’ve seen several power shifts already and it’s just Episode 2. This is surely going to be one hell of a ride.

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