Survivor 33 Episode 8: Are You Smarter Than a Survivor Idiot?

Getting voted out isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a player. It’s inevitable especially if you’re considered a threat. It’s just a matter of time.

It’s part of what you signed up for. You’re always at risk of getting the boot most especially if you’re playing too hard or doing something stupid, like stealing food.

But what’s worse is getting eliminated because people can’t vote out the one they want because they’re scared of a hidden immunity idol so they turn their target on you, thinking you’re the safest option.


Fiji’s latest Horseman

It’s interesting to note that this is what happened to Eduardo when Survivor first went to Fiji. People wanted Mookie or Alex gone but they’re worried about an idol play so they decided to get rid of the one they’re least likely to give the idol to. 19 seasons later, Michelle Shubert suffered the same fate, which is infuriating because girl’s got game.

After Michaela’s blindside last week, all my hopes of tasting delicious strategy rested on Michelle’s petite shoulders. Then this happens. It must feel extremely awful for her because she has the wits and social skills to save herself when her name is on the chopping block but she left her fate on her dimwitted allies. It’s one thing to be voted out because of your mistake but to be voted out because of something idiotic another player did must be unbearable.

The funny thing is, Taylor is still here!

Taylor, the chill dude who checked out every possible item in the Survivor Don’ts Handbook, is still in the game. It’s actually laughable how the others decided to let this slip by. Stealing food is one of the gravest Survivor sin yet this idiot got away with it. And he was all smiles.

Survivor: Dumb and Dumber?

If there’s any redeeming quality to Taylor, it’s the fact that he remained loyal to his bro, Jay. Well, that’s probably the only right thing he can do in this game, so snitching on Adam gives him a point.

Which brings me to this week’s biggest disappointment: Adam. Voting out Figgy was his biggest move. It made Taylor mad, which is okay because should he care? He wasn’t part of their clique so Adam did okay. He’s got a more solid game with Ken and Jessica and Zeke and Hannah. In fact, it puts him in a really good position in the game because all his alliances are tied to other alliances. Plus, he has an idol. And a reward-stealing power.

Any survivor would die to have all these.

Any level-headed survivor would know not to screw it up.

And any one who claims they know everything about the game knows that the worst move would be to tell others–especially someone who’s out for your blood.

Clearly not smarter than the resident idiot

Adam is a HUGE disappointment. I know I said it earlier but it needs reiteration.

He obviously isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. The fact that he deliberately revealed his plan and advantage to Taylor kinda makes you question his cognitive skills. He must have banged his head on something to forget that the guy wants his head on a plate after the Figgy vote.

But no, this self-proclaimed fan decided to ruin his entire game just so he can, in the words of Hannah, “sit at the cool kids’ table.”

What a disappointment.


Hannah, on the other hand, is doing really, really well. She literally transformed overnight. After her last tribal, she immediately did damage control. She knew she needed to make Jay believe she’s on his side so she can plot her revenge. She masterfully did that when she came up to him and said she doesn’t mind getting her hands bloody as long as she knows the vote.

This is exactly what Jay needs to hear. He wants to believe that Hannah is willing to do what he wants. And that should make him even more confident about taking control of the game. This can easily become Hannah’s free pass.

But she doesn’t really need it now that the tribes have merged. It would still be helpful, however, if Jay still believes he has control over Hannah’s vote. That way, Hannah can easily navigate her way through the various alliances.

But girl needs to have at least one big move if she’s going to have a shot at the FTC.

That’s still up in the air, but she’s doing well for now.

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