Survivor 33 Episode 6: When Bluntness Backfires

Last episode, we saw two different scenarios of being blunt: Michaela and Figgy.

It’s nice how the producers are painting a really fierce image of Michaela: a challenge beast, extremely dedicated to her tribe, and unapologetically blunt.

We’ve seen from earlier episodes how she’s not one to back down from an argument or care about what others would think after her outbursts. It was a little concerning at first because these are behaviors that typically get someone voted out quickly. But the recent episodes have established Michaela as a strong, respectable player.

Which is why I’m not too scared about what she did at the immunity challenge (she helped out the Vanua beat Takali).


If memory serves right, only Laura, in the first Blood Vs. Water, was able to pull something like this when she helped Tina beat Vytas in the Redemption Island arena.

A move like this is very risky because it exposes your alliance and makes the losing tribe mad at you. But Michaela didn’t care. To some degree, that’s admirable. It also sends a signal to her former Millennial tribe mates that she’s down with getting back together come merge and based on her history with Figgy, she’s in a better position to try and earn Zeke and Michelle’s trust.

It may backfire in the coming episodes but for now, it seems like she has put herself in a solid position in her new tribe. It might not help her develop really tight bonds with them but it’s worth a shot. And she’s got two former Gen Xers a little happy with her assistance. Who knows, it might be something she can use in the future.


At the other end of the spectrum is Figgy. Her bluntness can be more described as stupidity, actually. Why?

  1. Before the Reward Challenge, she happily told everyone how happy she was Michelle is safe.
  2. She finally tells Jessica and Ken that she and Taylor have a ‘thing.’

First of all, showing all your cards is a stupid mistake. Figgy doesn’t really have a lot of cards to play which makes her statement very facepalm-worthy. It endangers Michelle and alienates Zeke. Had Figgy remained in the game, I highly doubt Zeke would even consider working with her especially since everyone knows that she’s one-half of a tight vote.

Speaking of her showmance, it’s so stupid of her to believe that (1) Ken and Jessica still have no idea and (2) letting it out will not affect the dynamics of the game.

For someone to be that naive and think that people would not give a shit about a couple (I refuse to consider them a powercouple) after this many seasons is downright stupid. It’s more stupid than giving away individual immunity, actually.

But what’s even more depressing is the fact that FigTay completely alienated Adam. They were too complacent, thinking that Adam would stick with them just because they all came from one tribe. Very dumb.

Ken was smart enough to form a bond with Adam and he was able to use that to sway him to their side.

FigTay is not even remotely close to being a powercouple. I think calling them that is a disgrace to the real powercouples in the history of the game. They’re just a couple. They didn’t have anything valuable to contribute to the strategy anyway. They were just there to cuddle.

Figgy was more concerned about telling everyone about her boyfriend over her strategy. And it showed. She opens her mouth and nothing strategic comes out of it.

I’m not even worried about Adam doing damage control with Taylor. Or the other Millennials for that matter.


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