Survivor 33 Episode 5: Tricky Trust (and a Significant Clue to the Finale?)

For a television writer (and someone who plays chess a lot) David is not too perceptive.

He’s indecisive and wishy washy.

And he bails on his trusted allies.

I think the last one is his gravest mistake because he wants to gain the trust of someone who didn’t want anything to do with him from the beginning BY ELIMINATING THE PERSON WHO TRUSTED HIM FROM THE BEGINNING.

Pardon my language but, how fucking stupid is that?

First he basically throws away a hidden immunity idol then now he ditches his ally to give his enemy a lifeline?

How’s that winning the game?

Good for him he found another idol. But I’m not counting on him to use it wisely.

Trust is this game’s currency.

The problem is not finding someone who trusts you.



That’s the key factor in lasting deep in the game. By choosing who you trust, you take control of your game. That makes it a lot less difficult for you to maneuver your way around as compared to just waiting for someone to say “hey, I trust you. Let’s do this.”

It’s passive and may not be the best way to climb the totem pole of any alliance.

Another downside of having that mindset is it can make you feel helpless when faced with twists, like a tribe swap.

If you’re separated from your trusted ally, you’re left trying to find someone who’ll make you feel secure as compared to the other which still puts you in the driver seat.

Take Chris, for example. Out of the three former Gen Xers in the new tribe, he’s clearly on the outs. But he didn’t wait for David or Cece to validate their bond.

He went ahead and made a bond with Zeke. He didn’t wait for any of the Millennials try to sway him to their side.

He made the initiative.

He knows David and Cece trust him. But he chose to trust the opposing side and he won at the end and got Cece eliminated.

Automatic bonds

Survivor Zeke

Zeke also knows exactly what he needs to do. Being stuck in a tribe with someone who blindsided him previously, he knows he just can’t stick with the former-tribe-mates-stay-strong-in-a-new-tribe mentality, which is great for him because even if he sticks with Michelle and makes it to the merge, there’s no guarantee that Michelle will remain loyal to him.

So he sought greener pastures with another Oklahoma native.

There are bonds that are automatically formed in Survivor. Players who went to the same school and live in the same state almost always are automatically bonded together. And this is most advantageous during swaps. When you meet new people and have no idea how to pitch an alliance, the best way to do it is to tug at the heart strings.

In Zeke’s case, it’s channeling the Oklahoma spirit.

He and Chris obviously have nothing in common personality-wise and it’s just very convenient that they came from the same place.

Could this be the episode that foretells Michaela’s good fortune?


For many seasons now, producers have always dropped breadcrumbs for us viewers to help us figure out who’s eventually going deep and/or win. There’s always that one key scene, most of the time it seems unrelated to the context of a scene, like prolonged confessionals while crying or a certain frame that looks like a winner’s shot.

This episode, Michaela may have gotten that edit. At the start, we saw her pissed at the swap and then how she kinda broke down after successfully started a fire in her new tribe. That fire scene could be symbolic. And the fact that we got several minutes of that might be significant to Michaela’s end game.

Taylor boo just doesn’t get it

We have to give it to Figgy this season for using her brains. After the tribe swap, she’s almost smart enough to keep Taylor off her booty, knowing they can’t give the new people any idea that they’re a power couple (well, minus the power part).

Well, it seems like it’s not going to last long, however, based on next week’s preview. I can’t wait until someone votes out one of these two.

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