Surname Wars: Funny Pinoy Surnames Go Viral on Facebook Comments

Unhappy with your name? Mad at your parents because you don’t have a cool sounding name?

Count your blessings, my friend. There are lots of others who have to live with surnames that will make them the center of attention for the rest of their lives. At first I thought these names were made up, but after going through the comments on this photo that went viral on Facebook, it dawned on me that they could very well be true.

Lagi ‘tong mapagbibintangan.

Surnames 2

Naks. Peacemaker. 

Surnames 3

Wala kang lusot.

Surnames 4

Ito na siguro ang pinaka-awkward na pangalan para sa isang lalake. At walang umaangkin nyan, kuya. Sayong sayo na.

Surnames 5

Ito naman ang para sa babae. Baka destined ang dalawang ito.

Surname 7

Ano ang lesser evil?

Surnames 6

Rated: PG

Surnames 8

Tae mo rin!

Surnames 9

Mas okay kung Perfecto ang first name mo, para ikaw na talaga.


Surnames 10

Bawal ‘to sa airport.

Surnames 11

Si Paano naman si Crispin?

Surnames 12

Share your blessings.

Surnames 13

At least hindi ka nagma maasim.

Surnames 14

Masayang pamilya ito for sure.

Surnames 15

Sorry, pero, mabaho talaga ‘to.

Surnames 16

Ang lungkot naman.

Surnames 17

I’m sure hinahanap din sayo si Sisa. Or si Crispin.

Surnames 18

Naku, hindi ka pwede tumakbo for public office. Tsk. 

Surnames 19

E di sayo!

Surnames 20


Surnames 21

Yan ang magandang business para sa’yo, ate.

Surnames 22

Ano ba talaga, kuya?

Surnames 23

Panalo to sa marathon.

Surnames 24

Ayaw kitang maging empleyado, if ever.

Surnames 25

Kailangan mo ng PSG.

Surnames 26

Ingat ka din kay Koya. 🙂

Surnames 27

Buti na lang may buhok sya in real life.

Surnames 28

I’m not a girl. Not a dog. Not a cat…

Surnames 29

Hindi ka rin pwede tumakbo for public office. Kahit sa patintero pagdududahan ka.

Surnames 30

At least marami kang panyo sa araw na yun. 

Surnames 31

Ipakita mong hindi ka dapat katakutan.

Surnames 32

Emperador na yan!

Surnames 33

Ang saklap naman nito.

Surnames 34

Binibigyan ka din ba ng saging?

Surnames 35

Wag ka pupunta sa Red Cross.

Surnames 36

So you don’t belong anywhere. Sad. 

Surnames 37


Thank you for taking the time to check out this post! Jessica says “thank you” 🙂

Surnames 1


Source: FEU Portraits

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