Sportsmanship Prevails Over Rivalry At The 2014 Titan Games

WOD Nation, Fight Factory Manila and Project Lifestlye Manila successfully concluded the Philippines’ 1st National Strongman Competition, the 2014 Titan Games. Held at The Camp in Taguig City last November 9, 2014.



A total of 195 participants gathered to test their speed, strength and endurance in 5 grueling challenges, separated into 4 categories (Male & Female Mortal / Male & Female Immortal).

Each category comes with separate weights and reps to even out their individual capabilities and fitness. The challenges and divisions can be viewed here.


Hosted by Joaquin Valdes and Sarah Carlos.

I’m no fitness guru, but judging by the looks of all the participants during the event. Every challenge was definitely not a walk in the park.

From the Apollon’s Axle to the exhausting Sandman. You just can’t help but to cheer them on. Even us from UrbanTribe had our own bets and helped the crowd urge every contestant. It felt as though we were all watching a live coverage of the Olympics.


Girl Power! Who say’s that men are stronger than woman? Tell that to her.


Apollon’s Axle (75 lbs for the mortal male division).

One of the Titan Games’ highlights was the Sandman challenge. Where contestants did several tasks (front squat, shoulder to shoulder, box step-ups, deadlift, powerclean, 40 m overhead walk) while carrying a heavy sandbag (70 lbs for guys & 40 lbs for gals) and raced to beat the 5 minute mark.

Sweats were dripping and worn out looks were visible. What their face exhibited, was contrary to what their mind and body dictated. As sheer determination was at its peak on the last 2 minutes of every heat.


The Sandman, Deadlifts.


Looks easy right? Trust me they’re not! I have 195 people who could back me up.

Some were triumphant but others were not so fortunate. Then again, you could still see the other participants smiling even at defeat. Proud of their personal accomplishment regardless of the outcome.

I did also notice how the judges continued to motivate every participant. Even if they were binded to be equitable. That didn’t stop them to inspire their respective contestants to finish the task.


Last 15 secs. on the clock and the judges are cheering him on.

The sportsmanship they had beneath its competitive nature as a contest was simply encouraging. That even I, a self admitted slob, is considering to try working out and join the Titan Games. Who knows? I might be next year’s champion. LOL!

To sum it all up, UrbanTribe personally had fun at The 2014 Titan Games. Its a great alternative for those who are not into fun runs or marathons. Size or age don’t matter, since the Titan Games is open to all who has the heart and passion to compete.

The list of official winners will be posted on Thursday in the Titan Games Facebook page. For more action packed photos, you can check out our album here.

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