Pinoy Acts Impress Judges, Wow Audience at Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals

The four acts from the Philippines were the stars of the night during Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals, if the audience reception and standing ovations were to be used as basis.

Gwyneth Dorado, the 10-year old singer impressed the judges so much with her rendition of Sia’s they all gave her a standing ovation. It was clearly a major improvement from her semi-finals performance.

Accompanied only by a piano, she sang flawlessly and hit every note.

Judge Anggun said she made them listen to every word and that it was perfect while David Foster said she killed it. Melanie C. thought it was incredible and noted how she has blossomed as an artist. Vaness loved it and even said “mahal kita.” That’s how awesome she was.

Gerphil Flores, the classical singer who David Foster loved from the beginning, proved that she deserved the votes she got from Asia when she wonderfully sang “The Impossible Dream.” Standing on a pedestal and in a beautiful gold gown, with dramatic lights for effects, she hit every note perfectly. She was so good the audience were already applauding and shouting midsong. And when she hit that high note at the end of the song, the Marina Bay Sands was on uproar.

David was so impressed by his golden girl, saying that Gerphil made the impossible dream possible. He ended his comment with a promise that the world is going to know about her. Melanie called her magnificent and described how watching and listening to her was an “absolute pleasure.”

The young dancers of Junior New System stayed true to who they are and gave the performance of their lives. This time, they had a Super Bowl theme and danced their way through a myriad of songs, which included a tribute to “Wanna Be,” the Spice Girls hit, which made vaness and Melanie stand up and dance.

They boys upped the ante by adding more acrobat moves. By the time the 2-minute plus performance was over, the entire venue was on fire.

Melanie was impressed by their impeccable taste in music and incredible choreography. Vaness kept it simple by saying “boom!” while Anggun said it was “major” and that they got the package. David compared it to going through the entire Super Bowl experience.

But the one that had the most impact would have to be the shadow dancers, El Gamma Penumbra. Their beautiful interpretation of Vanessa William’s “Colors of the Wind” moved Anggun to tears. Impressed, David said the world can use more people like them. He also said that the unlucky number 13 could very well be very lucky for the group (foreshadowing, maybe?). Melanie was impressed by the fact that even with the shorter preparation time El Gamma gets, their performances get even better.

It was clear that the Pinoy acts were major front runners in the show given the feedback they got and how the audience responded to each performance. Now it’s only a matter of time before we find out if a Pinoy goes home a $100,000 richer and be crowned victor of Asia’s Got Talent.

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