Oscar’s Deli PH: Are You Ready For The #NutritionRevolution?

Google “10 tips to go on a diet” and you’d probably end up with tons of results. There’s too much information on the Internet about the do’s and dont’s in staying fit, it’s hard to determine who’s telling the truth.

Good to know that there are others who think differently!

Oscar’s Deli PH is a new online deli shop that seeks to change the way we think about nutrition, thus the hashtag #NutritionRevolution. Their aim is to promote proper nutrition information to everyone regardless whether you’re a gym buff, a typical 8-to-5 employee, or a couch potato.

The two things they value are “nutrition information” and “education,” which we at UrbanTribe.ph, couldn’t agree more.

We have so much more nutritional freedom. The truth is that there are no hard and fast rules for nutrition but there are fundamentals that are so easy to follow, let alone understand.” says deli owner, Oscar.

Who doesn’t get confused with reading food nutrition labels and completely disregard them due to complexities of adding and subtracting possible calorie intake? At Oscar’s Deli PH, each product has its own simplified nutrition information for your convenience. You’ll also get tips and instructions on how to prepare the food as well as proper storage.

They currently have four products available. They are so mouth-watering, it’s hard to resist taking only one bite.



Coated with Hershey’s chocolate, this delectable treat will surely leave you positively charged. Protein has never been this easy to snack on.

Now, who loves chocolate? Oscar knows you do!



What’s the first thing you crave for every breakfast? PANCAKES!

Not only that. Oscar’s Muscle Mix is packed with complex carbohydrates to start your day. It also has a LOT of protein to charge you up for the notorious morning rush.

Oscar’s Deli PH got you on this one with his proteinacious pancakes. Your healthy breakfast solution has just arrived!



Not all patties are crafted with the same vision in mind. Made with tender chicken breast filleted into perfection, this one was created to easily fit your macros.

Meat-wise, it’s got everything you need. Seriously! Just check out the facts!



We know you want something fulfilling and Oscar knows just what you need.

90% lean and 10% juiccccy, a Five-Star Patty (or two, maybe three) a day will leave you wanting more the next day! Add those two and you’ll be 100% satisfied!

I personally tried the Proton Bites and the Five-Star Beef Patty and the word “delicious” is an understatement. The Proton Bites were oozing with dark chocolate heaven at every bite. While the Five- Star Beef Patty was a palate delight!

You’d notice how the patty is on the sweeter side which voids the “umay” factor when eating meat. Kids and kids-at-heart are in for a treat with their juicy beef goodness.

Want some? Order now online and check out their Facebook Fan Page or follow them on Instagram: @oscarsdeliph and join Oscar in his #NutritionRevolution.

Photos by: Oscar’s Deli PH Facebook Fan Page

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