New Twists and Old Tricks at The Amazing Race 25 Premiere

Teams set out from the crowded New York Times Square to the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands, where dentists Misti and Jim managed to arrive in first place, winning the newest twist to the game which is “The Save” – a pass you can use to save yourself from elimination until the ninth leg.

Miami Realtors Lisa and Michelle, however, got their bad pen karma and fell short in a foot race to the finish line to be the first team Philiminated.

The Amazing Race 25 Cast


I have noticed new things about the show aside from “The Save,” like the teams’ relationships in hashtags. I hate most of the hashtags they made. They gave Dennis and Isabelle #TheDatingCouple, which is so bland. I decided that I will create my own hashtags for the future recaps. I have not made hashtags for the other teams, but these are the ones I came up with after the first episode:

  • Keith and Whitney #TeamSurvivor
  • Misti and Jim #ThePsychoDentists (they could really kill you in the dentist’s chair)
  • Michael and Scott #TheUngentlemen (they have decided not to be gentlemen in this race)
  • Dennis and Isabelle #TheAsianCouple (TAR avoided this because it sounds racist, but you have to admit you identify them with this)
  • Tim and TeJay #TheGaysianCouple (automatically follows the hashtag above)

*Hashtags are subject to change in the future.

Also, it was so cool seeing Phil Keoghan do his spiels while the first teams are arriving at the clue box. He should do it more often, to add to the feel that Phil is sort of racing with them. (Interviews reveal that sometimes Phil is in the same flight with the teams)

Anyways, let’s assess the cast for this season: First legs are not usually an indicator of which team will make it to the end or lose halfway through the competition, but it gives us an insight of the abilities of the teams and assessment of their strength, wit and strategy.

Although #ThePsychoDentists came in first, their win was partly due to luck, and a smart decision to buy a watch with an analog compass. But they are definitely a strong physical team, and they didn’t alienate other teams by helping out a little, so they got their social bases covered.

Brooke and Robbie (#TheWrestlers) on the other hand are shaping up to be the villains of the season. They are cocky, as wrestlers would be for show, but they have shown they will be a threat because of that impressive jump from last place into the front of the pack.

#TheGaysianCouple and #TheCyclists are strong competitors as well and have the potential to go far in the race.



Highlights of the leg:

  • Bethany (of #SoulSurfers) rocking the climbing part and the rowing part of the leg, despite having one arm. I feel like they designed these tasks just to see her stand-out.
  • The teeth of the #ThePsycho being edited to glimmer, and in the future episodes we can’t help but to see how white their teeth are. Side note: Jim is a scary dentist and I will not trust my dental emergencies with him. Imagine him holding one of those big anaesthesia syringes, very scary.
  • One of #TheCyclists asking Adam to take off his life jacket. Then assuring Bethany that she just wants to take a look. Well, it IS what we also want to see. And later on we see him sans life jacket all the way up to the pitstop. Thanks TAR!
  • One of the realtors thinking that the sun sets in the east. And then we see Adam’s abs (#TeamAdamsAbs) and one of the scientists in total disbelief. #totalblondemoment
  • One of the firefighters (#TheUngentlemen) pushing one of the realtors out of the taxi. Definitely to avenge the stolen pen. The taxi is clearly for the firefighters because one of them was already inside when they insisted they take the taxi.

Hit me up with comments here or Tweet me your suggested hashtags and race comments on @drmcmuffin with the hashtag #TeamAdamsAbs.

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