Netizens React to TV5 Reporter’s Controversial #EscoltaFire Facebook Post

Jen CalimonImage Source: Media Newser Philippines


Did you ever think that being grateful can get you into trouble?

In the case of TV5 reporter Jen Calimon, gratitude landed her in hot waters. She got the ire of netizens after posting a photo on her Facebook account (photo has been deleted) with the caption:

Uuwing masaya after 3 live reports. Salamat sa mga kaibigan sa MPD sa pagkumbingsing may ilalaang mas magandang story sa akin si Lord. I love my beat!! #manila #EscoltaFire #hugot.

Facebook users were quick to take screenshots, like and share, and express their opinions about the post. One user commented:

That’s so F*ing insensitive for someone in the media to say such things like that.

Others are obviously very affected by it and are more honest about their feelings.

Insensitive ass.

See how you feel kung bahay mo ang nasunog.

But there are others who feel that the reporter’s post has been taken out of context. One responds in her defense.

Well – in the news beat that’s part of it – wala naman ibang ibig shabihin yan kungdi she’s happy she did her job well. some may find it different but waa naman masama sinabi and no one got hurt in that fire by the way in an abandoned building so yun lang yun.

Based on the Facebook thread where these comments were taken, Calimon has since apologized, saying she’s only thankful for having the chance to do her job well and NOT because she’s happy about the tragedy.

Unfortunately, however, it didn’t appease most people. Critics pointed out the insensitivity of the post, considering that Calimon is a media practitioner. It didn’t help that certain critics, after reaching out to the reporter, received responses that said they were not in the media so they don’t fully understand how things work.

The question now is, is it okay to just leave it at that? That critics–and even bashers–are not in the media so they can’t really say anything?

It’s not a question about being happy about the tragedy. I guess we can all believe that the reporter is simply happy that she was able to do her job well and that she’s not happy about the fire at all.

It’s just in the manner in which she expressed her gratitude. It goes without saying that anyone, regardless of tenure in the media, should be more conscious of the things posted in social media because people are watching.

What do you think about this issue? We’d love to here your thoughts in the comments section below.



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