My Kronoz ZeFit 2 Perfectly Fits Your Active Lifestyle

I got very excited when I received the ZeFit 2 wristband from My Kronoz because it was a welcome respite from the usual wristwatch I wear at work and play.

You know what they say about familiarity, right?

And that was why I was looking forward to wearing something new on my arm.

My Kronoz ZeFit 2

ZeFit 2 offers convenience

But more than that, the ZeFit 2 gave me a lot of convenience. You see I’ve been trying out various fitness activities for the past couple of years and it’s important for me to stay on top of my progress.

Aside from the regular gym sessions, I’ve recently been introduced to exciting activities like Crossfit, functional training, HipHop, and boxing. Then there’s this marathon I’ve always wanted to join.

And when you do all these things, you’re always trying to monitor your progress–how much calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken, and how your heart’s keeping up.

Honestly, I had no idea how to check these.

I lift weights and run on treadmills at the gym. As long as I sweat buckets and feel certain muscles go sore, that was it. I don’t even bother checking my blood pressure or ask a personal trainer to check my heart rate.

It was only when I was introduced to fitness apps and gadgets like the ZeFit 2 that I realized it’s important to always be on top of your progress. That way, you’ll know if you need to step it up and increase the distance you need to run or add more time to your reps.

Most importantly, I can feel good at the idea that I was able to meet my fitness goals at the end of each day.

ZeFit 2 is a very handy fitness tool

ZeFit 2 is a touchscreen wristband that lets you monitor your daily physical activities and help you achieve your fitness goals. It also functions as a watch, which makes it a very handy tool.

I wear this all the time for these reasons:

Comfortable and cool, minimalist design

It’s slimmer and smaller, which makes it a better alternative to my usual watch. Also because I like to keep things simple, its minimalist black design makes it great for every day wear. It goes well with almost anything, from casual clothes to the more formal ensemble.


It doesn’t get in the way. My day job requires me to have both hands laid across the table, typing away for hours. Most of the time, when I have my bulkier watch, it kinda adds strain to my wrist because of its size. And that’s why I need to take it off often. But because the ZeFit 2 has a slim strap, I can work undisturbed for hours.

ZeFit 2 MyKRonoz at work

Automatic updates for goals achieved

It helps take my mind off the need to keep walking or moving. Ironically, wearing the ZeFit 2 kinda keeps me forget about the fact that I need to walk this much steps or burn this much calories because it does that for me. You know how you tend to be so focused on meeting your target each day that it’s all you think about during the day because you’re concerned you won’t be able to meet it?

That’s what I noticed a lot of times. When you’re constantly thinking about working out during the day, it disrupts your routine. It affects your focus and keeps you from being productive at work (because that thought is swirling around your mind). And because you’re too cluttered during the day, you end up spending more time at the office catching up and that leaves you with little to no time to work out.

ZeFit 2 MyKronoz boxing

And that’s because you’re constantly thinking about the NEED to work out.

What ZeFit 2 does for me is it lets focus on what needs to be done at a specific moment. Since I have it on my arm, I’m assured that it’s constantly monitoring every step I take.

On the phone app, I already recorded my daily goal of 7,000 steps a day. It then simply reminds me, by vibrating, when I reached my target.

That leaves me with more time to attend my dance class or lift weights at the gym and add more cardio by hitting the treadmill.

ZeFit 2 MyKronoz work out

Also, because it tracks your steps, it calculates how much calories you’re burning. This is very handy if you’re trying to lose weight.

Works even when you’re sleeping

At the end of the day, nothing beats going home to a nice, comfortable bed. Even if you’re ready to call it a day, the ZeFit 2 is still not done with its job.

It has a sleep monitoring feature that allows you to track how well you snooze.

This is very important to many because getting enough sleep is crucial to being productive at work and staying healthy in general.

I’m sure you’ve had days when you need a shut eye but can’t or when you snooze for a few hours but still wake up tired because you felt like you didn’t really get some sleep.

ZeFit’s sleep monitoring feature is very helpful. It records the number of hours you sleep; it categorizes your sleep–deep and light. It also tells you how soon you succumb to slumber the moment you hit the bed. You can keep track of your daily sleep routine by accessing its sleep data.

Doesn’t let you forget important events and tasks

Another cool feature of the ZeFit 2 is its Reminders.

If you constantly forget your planner at home or don’t have the time to manually flip pages to check on your to-do list because you have so much to do, then this is the answer.

Simply set an activity–sleep, eat, take a medicine, or meeting–and add details like day and time. Your ZeFit 2 will remind you by vibrating gently. It’s more effective because there’s no excuse for forgetting something.

No matter where you are, you’ll remember that important thing you need to do.

No more missed calls and texts


It’s the same with calls and text messages.

With this on your wrist, you’ll never have to miss important calls because, once connected via Bluetooth, your ZeFit 2 will notify you of incoming calls and text messages. This is great when you’re walking outside and your phone is in your bag or in situations where you can’t reach into your pockets to whip out your phone.

ZeFit 2 MyKronoz

With all these amazing things the ZeFit 2 can do, there’s clearly no reason for you not to get it. As for me, it does everything I need it to, including, most especially, letting me know what time it is.

The ZeFit 2 (P3,490) is available at the following stores:

  • Electroworld
  • Abenson
  • Tech Savvy 3/F Robinsons Metro East
  • Titanium 4/F Cyberzone, Megamall
  • Takatack
  • Lazada
  • iTrueMart Philippines
  • Storm Benefits
  • Liteware – Kamias & Metro East

Find out more by checking out their Facebook page: or their Instagtram (@MyKronozPH)

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