More Funny Tweets from the UAAP Cheer Dance Competition 2014

If there’s anything that’s as equally entertaining as watching the actual competition, it’s reading the barrage of tweets about the 2014 UAAP Cheer Dance Competition. Twitterverse was busy yesterday with messages of good luck, ‘fearless four cats’, bitchy comments from hecklers, and, more importantly, funny retorts and snappy comebacks from students of the winning and losing schools.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some more funny tweets about the most recent UAAP Cheer Dance Competition.

tweet 26

Maybe you weren’t shaking it enough?

Tweet 23

For some of the routines, yes. Kuya Germs would be so proud.


Tweet 21

That’s looking at the brighter side of things, buddy 🙂

TWeet 20

Very witty.

twitter artzafe UR

Foreshadowing or it’s that obvious? At least they won’t have to get stuck with the onslaught of commuters if they left early.

Tweet 19

Their (and yours too?) English professor will also never forget that…

Tweet artzafe

Tara na sa Supermarket ng Bayan! They also have an advantage card, you know.

Tweet 18

I knew that costume looked very familiar.

Tweet Paolo


I bet many would Google them now. Or why don’t we ask the SM customer service ladies?  🙂

Tweet 16LOL. Just LOL. Though some think it also resembles a dragonfly.

Tweet 15

Salute for the UAAP Cheer Dance Competition’s unsung heroes!

Twitter Marcel

This is just so funny!

Tweet 11

Do I sense some sarcasm here?

Tweet 8

Is there any other cheer dance competition we should be aware of?

Tweet 6

Change is always good. Next year, maybe?

Twitter Marian 2

There are healthy street foods in Morayta too, you know? Check out the stall at the corner of R. Papa.

Tweet 5

There has been a lot of falling as well.

Tweet 4

Girl’s got a point 🙂

Tweet 1

Who said? Madam Auring? LOL.

Tweet Marian

Push it, push it some more.

Again, congratulations to the winners (and whiners too because your tweets were so much havey). I’m sure next year’s routines will be just as tweet-worthy.

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